November 16, 2006

Is obsession healthy?

Yesterday as I was working, my co-workers were informing me that people were actually outside camping out in tents waiting for the release of the PS3. I couldn't believe it that people were braving the rain and VERY cold weather in TENTS!!! So I went out there and took this picture and decided to put this on my blog. I remember back in the day when I was just nuts for video games and honestly I still am. Lord knows if I had the money heck I might have been out in the line or....maybe not.;)

I don't even have a XBOX 360 yet because I'm still happy with my XBOX. I'm still happy with my gamecube and I'm still happy with my ps2. Eventually I will upgrade and get the Xbox 360, I will get the Nintendo Wii, and i will eventually get the PS3. Yet at this time video games don't have the forefront in my life like they used to.

Of course I've done my homework on all the different systems. Knowing me I'll probably get the Nintendo Wii first, then the Xbox 360, and then finally the PS3.

What I don't like though especially with the PS3 is the fact that games are not backwards compatable. Which we can all thank due towards the BLUERAY technology that Sony has incorporated into the new system. Appearantly there MIGHT be a few PS2 games out there that can but from what I've heard only up to 80% if your lucky.

Of course there are 2 options when it comes to getting both systems for Xbox 360 and PS3. You know I will always get the premium option, point blank it just makes sense.

yet I what I want to know is when does a hobby become an obsession? Hopefully I will never have to find out
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