November 2, 2006

What u do when u r stranded at home without a car;)

Well this past Tuesday morning, my dad put my car into the shop because lately it had been shaking and he wanted it to be check out. Well luckly for me I didnt have work Tuesday or Wednesday. Yet it still sucked that I was just trapped at home with pretty much nothing to do. Especially with Tuesday being Halloween and such, it would have been nice to visit a few Haunted Houses, then I remembered hell I live in one, why would I go somewhere else and pay admission to theirs when I have a key to mine? ;) Any way just joking beyond that I pretty much swapped out the info from our old custom built cpu to our new HP one. Not a bad deal for just over $350. It has 2 gigs of ram, 300 gig hard drive, XP media center. Just bad ass all around. I'm not too impressed with the new Windows operating system VISTA. I've been able to test run it and pretty much it looks like a cop out of a MAC aka APPLE pc. Anyways pretty much everything is running like a charm. Since I'm cleaning up the old cpu for my younger sis, she can take the old monitor and all in one system. YIPEEEEEEE

Yesterday (Wednesday) my mother gave me the distinct honor (being sarcastic here) of picking greens to have prepared for dinner last night. So to keep me busy thru this pain in the ass chore I put in a movie into the cpu so I could hear it as I was preparing the food. So it takes me forever to get them finally cleaned, plus I already had the seasoning for the greens already simmering in a pot by 10am. Was finally done with the greens themselves by 3pm. My mom is home by 3:30pm. I also had some shrimp de-shelled and de-veined for frying. Yet when my mom goes for some cooking oil. OOOPPPSSS we don't have any and I have to make a trip in her car to Schnucks in Cool Valley. Well since my car was in the shop I decided to make a quick visit to get some things out of it that I forgot to take out on Tuesday. Then when I get on North Hanley and try to go down EVANS St. to get to West Florissant real quick I come up against all these road blocks that keep blocking my progress until I finally get down to another street.

Well by this time I didn't know where the hell I was and offically became lost in KINLOCH. Definitely not a site seeing place, so I was lost in there for a pretty good 20 minutes. Finally was able to get out and find West Florissant and make my way to the Schnucks. I don't know if it wasn't my day or what not but apparently they decided to REVAMP the damn store so pretty much TO ME everything had been moved around. I finally find the damn cooking oil and now was on a hunt for some acetone to take off my acrylic nails. Never found the damn stuff so I left their pissed and head to the Walgreens down the street. Couldn't find it there so I had to get one the workers to find it for me and what do you know it was right by the damn door AS U COME IN!!!!!!!!

So I leave there with all my shit and take my ass home and finish up cooking the greens, helped fried the shrimp, and pretty much that was it. Also we had cream corn and fried catfish. Since that wasmy frist time making greens by myself I thought I would write down the recipe so for future refrence.


Get some greens and pick them (duh)

get a big pot so you can throw in 3 big boxes of chicken broth

2 green bell peppers, keep them whole just cut the stem off without punctering the inside of the vegetable.

1 whole onion, skinned

3 turkey necks and 3 turkey butts, throw them all into the pot

Let simmer for at least 3 hours pretty much when the meat is falling off the bone is when it's ready

Then add greens

2 tablespoons of vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar

Do not mix greens, but fold over greens and BAMMMMMMMMM U HAVE GREENS TO EAT!!

Yummy Yummy in my tummy;)
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