November 30, 2006

had some fun last night

Yeserday I had work and left around 5pm. Dashed home to check on my mom because she was still sick and not feeling any better. So I get home and seems to be in the same state. So my plans for the evening I canceled to be able to take care of her. My girls wanted me to go out with them to SubZero(specialty vodka lounge bar) because on Wednesday's appearantly they had a drinks special for only $5.

So I was on my to La-La land around 8:15pm when my cousin called me concerning his Myspace page. He was trying to add a special feature that I had on my page and I told him that I would have to come over to see what he was trying to do. So I go dressed and made it there around 8:40pm by that time he had figured what to do for his website.

So I'm just over there chillin playin with his huge ass dog, named ROCK. Who just LOVES to have his belly rubbed down. So Andy, my cousin, orders some pizza from IMO's and we are watching some episode's of Voltron. As we are talkin and watchin tv, his mom calls and I talk to her for a while. She asked about my mom and I gave her an update. So she states she will call my mom to see if she needs anything and will give me a call back. Within 10 min. she calls and states my mom wants some chinese food. Well the pizza STILL hadn't arrived so i made the run to the chinese restuarant in NORTHOAKS PLAZA near the house and took it home to her.

I then change my clothes and put on some jogging pants, husband beata, and my crocs and jet back to Andy's house. Well i expected that the pizza would be there because at this time it was well over an hour since Andy had orignally had called the order in. He gets ticked and calls them asking what's the hold up. Do you know the dumb ass thought Andy was going to pick up the pizza? So he's crackin me up talkin to the dude. Pretty much stating why in the hell would i give you my delivery information if I was going to pick up the pizza. So ole boy states he will have new one's made and delivered.

So within an ADDITIONAL 30 minutes the pizza finally get's here as he is showing me a favorite game of his called NARATU. It plays just like series on the cartoon network. So when the pizza gets there we turn back on the Voltron series and we are alsmost done watchin it. Yet it's goin on around 12:20am and so i decided to pack up and go home. I thank my cuz for the din-din and make it back to my house.

When I get to my room, I put in the Voltron DVD set that I borrowed from my cousin and watched the last 2 episodes on the 3rd disc that I wasn't able to watch over my cousin's house. Afterwards I went to sleep and dreamnt about Voltron kickin the shit out of the Evil King and that Ugly witch's ass.
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