December 3, 2006

it is offical I hate snow

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last post but if you have been paying attention to the weather or better yet if you live in St. Louis, MO we were hit with a MAJOR snow storm that pretty much made the summer power outage we had this year look like roadkill.

So needless to say I'm gonna try to back track the best I can and give you an update to what has been happening so far. So here we go.

Thursday (11/30)- Had work, by the time I got off the snow had come down HELLA hard and it took me about 20 minutes to get into my car. I already had warned my supervisor that there was a 99.9% possibility that my ass was not coming to work tomorrow. I finally got in my car and took St. Charles Rock Rd. all the way to I-170 and then took THAT to Natural Bridge and made it home within an hour. When I got home something told me to play my XBOX for a couple of hours because I might not be able to by tomorrow. So sure enough I played for a couple of hours and by 1am. BAM!! We were out of power. Yet most importantly I was able to save my progress on the game.

Friday (12/1)- I woke up throughout the night just hoping our power would come back on. Unfortunately that was NOT the case. So by this time it was around 7am and I was due in at work around 11am. I called the manager on duty at the job around 8am and told them I wasn't coming in. I couldn't get in my car and my ass had already slipped 2 times. I was pissed and heated. Yet even my temper could warm my ass. Let me tell you something. When you don't have electricty in the Summer, you can go outside, take a walk, or even go into a building that has air condition, I highly recommend the Saint Louis Art Museum, or just do whatever. BUT when you are cold as hell and don't have electricty your house becomes a damn igloo. Needless to say I was still trying to get into my car earlier that morning yet it took my younger sis to finally get the damn doors open. So I guess all of my kicking it and calling it every swear word in the book didn't help matters.

Okay so eventally later on that day I went to the mall and chilled out and by the time I was done still came home to a cold ass house.

Saturday (12/2)- Luckly I had the day off, but again it was still cold ass HELL in my house with no electricity so I'm not sure I would count myself lucky. My mom woke me up to clean house around 7:30am, so yes I was pissed. I left the house around 10am to try to go to a Saint Louis Bread Company to find an area to get online with my Laptop so I could check my mail, update my blog, and do whatever before I went back to my desolate existance back home. Of course out of all the 5 different locations I went to all of them were jammed packed. So I've made a mental note to get a laptop with an air card very high on my list of things to get by next year.

So needless to say I get back home aroun 3pm and my mom has informed me that she will be staying at a friends house because it's just become too cold for her. So I told her I would come over later and pretty decide after being on my way there for a short while. Oh and by the way my dad was already out of town this past tuesday so when he came back in town on saturday we already had let him know ahead of time.

So eventually I went back home because I was concerned that my dad was still staying at the house. So i stayed there with him as well.

Sunday (12/3)- I had work at 11am and was off by 5:45pm. So I went home and went to bed early. My mom and sis still at their friends house. My dad was still staying at the house. He thought I should stay at Danielle and Mina's place but I was like nah, I didn't want to leave my dad there alone. So I stayed there again last night.

Overall it's so damn cold I'm gonna stay at Danielle's Tuesday night.
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