December 20, 2006

what a phucked up day.

Well it's about 5pm and I'm at home just chillin out in my bed watchin the movie Chicken Little. i had the day off and had been doing chores around the house to get prepared for Christmas Dinner. More importantly I was waiting around this damn house for the installation of the home theater system for the family room. Point blank it hasn't happened yet and furthermore I don't think it will today.

Right now I'm just FUMING at the ears and I'm pretty much at the point where fuck it the whole damn home theater system including the installs can all be returned back to my sorry ass job. Everything was bought on Dec. 11 with the TV being delivered on the 15th with no problems. I requested in the system for the install to be done on the 20th since I had to special order the home theater system I wanted and that didn't come in until the 17th.

So I'm sending emails to the particular installer I am having do the install to keep him updated on the whole order. My main issue was that I WANTED EVERYTHING INSTALLED BEFORE CHRISTMAS. He kept telling me it shouldn't be a problem as long as I bought everything ahead of schedule. I bought the shit the day of the damn consulation. Is that NOT early enough?

So early this week I receive a phonecall to setup install. I call them back later on that day and in all 5 times!!!! Each time I called I was on hold at least 10 minutes and hung up. So I'm informing the installer about this and he states that he'll look into it. Do you think it happened? UMMM NO apparently not.

So today I'm up around the house getting things in order especially trying to air out the the house because it still had that weird smell from yesterday circulating. So I opened up the front and side doors and also the windows. We let the house air out for about an hour or so and then close everything up. The installer stated he would give me a call to let me know what was up. I didn't hear anything so I called him around 11am and left a voicemail. Called again around 12pm again just voicemail. So I figured he was probably dealing with an install so I didn't want to feel as though I was nagging him. So then I finally call again about 1:30pm and he answers. He informs me that I'm not on his work order detail for today and would call me back to find out who did. Do you realize the time is now 5:30pm? About an hour ago I called the Install people and FINALLY got through to a human being. She informed me that the install wasn't scheduled and that the EARLIEST fucking date would be December 28th. I was fucking livid. hell I'm STILL phucking livid. All I asked her was there a charge to return everything. She stated not to her knowledge and I hung up. I didn't even bother to set the date.

Point blank, I wanted everything done by Christmas. I followed my end of the deal to set up everything as requested and as usual in my life, someone or in this case my own phucking job let's me down and drops the ball. Story of my life.
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