December 27, 2006

what a christmas

Well i hope your christmas was enjoyable. I will say mine was pretty nice. Woke up in the morning along with the rest of my family to keep cleaning and prepare for our extended family and friends to come over and partake in Christmas Dinner. Around 3pm family was slowly coming over with presents for other people in the family.

Around 4pm a crowd was at the house and Uncle Fred gave the prayer for the food. WE all started to get our eat on and enjoyed each other's company. Around 6pm we started with the gift giving and as usual my father played Santa Claus, just without the beard and outfit. Yet he always has his Santa hat.

I pretty much stayed in my room at first so I could enjoy my food and not get too hot from being downstairs with everyone else. Around 8pm people departed with their gifts. My friends Danielle and Kamina came over and we watched THE RINGER. I never saw it before and I laughed my ass off. They got some food from downstairs as my mom and aunt charolette were cleaning up the fiasco from downstairs.

Kamina left around 10pm (i think) which left Danielle and I watching an NFL game that didn't end until 11pm. So I took her home and that was the end of my Christmas day. Oh and I also sent off text messages via my cell phone to at least 40 people and I received text messages as well.
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