December 13, 2006

wassup my peoples!!!

Well it's Wednesday night and my girls, Mina and Danielle just left my house. Danielle and I just got finished putting together a t.v. stand. Yet of course it didn't go as easy as expected. I had work earlier today from 10am to 5pm. Today was also hectic just like the past couple of days. Yet on my way to work I was a stressed out and was talking to Danielle as I was leaving the house for work. Stuff being on my mind I broke down in tears when I finally pulled up on to the job's parking lot. I told her I would give her a call once I got off of work.

So I get off of work and give her a holla. She states that Mina is picking her up from the house so they will just meet me at my home. Well when I get to the house I start to take everything out of the box to verify and inspect everything. Well lo and behold as I am checking out the glass pieces from the box, WHY IN THE HELL IS THE MIDDLE PIECE SHATTERED!!! I just close my eyes and open them back up again hoping one of my contacts had dislocated and was trying to re-center itself. NOPE sure enough there was a shattered piece. So I inform my mother of the bad news and we wait on the girls to get there and as we load it back into the box. As we are loading it into the car, my dad, uncle, and cousin are getting back to the house after putting our old tv in our storage unit. We inform dad of the news and we wisk off to SEARS in St. Peters, MO. (and yes just to put your mind at ease I did call out there to verify there were more stands out there, they had 3 left and you had betta believe I made them open it up to make sure it was all in perfect condition.

After we exchange the t.v. stand, we stop to get a bite to eat at a near by restuarant and then make it on our way back home. Danielle and I get everything out to check and of course everything was okay. We got our power drills out thinkin we would need them. Yet we didn't and we were able to get the stand up in less than 40 minutes and put it in place. So now I have my appointment for the delivery of the t.v. tomorrow and will be there to receive it. YIPPEE!!! Can't wait;)
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