December 20, 2006

not MIA (Missing in Action) just CKMA (Cold Kicking My Ass)

Wassup world I'm sorry I haven't been on plate of thoughts for the past couple of days or maybe I have.......... Well Ya girl has been sick with a case of whoop-ass flu. I'm still feeling a few effects from it but the worst has already passed me by thank god.

It's about 9am and I was only able to get about 4 hours of sleep last night. I'll back track and tell you why in a minute. Meanwhile I'll go on an update over the past 5 days the best that I can.

Friday (12/15)- Had work but wasn't feeling to good having sharp headache pains and neck getting stiff. Don't remember much beyond that.

Saturday (12/16)- Had to work 3pm to 12:30am!!!!! HELLO!!! and I was feeling worse by that day.

Sunday (12/17)- It's offical cold is in full effect called off work because there was NO way I was coming in to do a damn thing. So pretty much stayed home and took as much medicine that I could to fight it off. Wasn't too successful. Also had a "family" meeting about Christmas dinner and the chores that were assigned to all the family members and when they were expected to be done. Then of course it turned to my sister and myself. Talking about school, me working this new job (possibly), and of course our weight. Something you just don't need to talk about 10:45pm at night when you are that damn sick.

Monday (12/18)- I go back to work but still feel like shit. I end up leaving early because I just can't deal with it. So Danielle and I leave about 4pm and go to my house. Since I had the latest part of a main installation that we were having doing to the family room in my back seat. i had to take it home to make sure it would be secure. So Danielle and I chill out there for about a couple of hours and then finally make it back to her place. Where she made me some ThermoFlu drink and I was apparently knocked out for at least 3 hours.

By the time I left Mina had made it home and I was feeling a tad bit better. The NFL game of the Colts and Bengals was on TV so it helped keep my mind off of things. I finally left there around 11pm-ish. Went home and took more medicine and went to sleep.

Tuesday (12/19)- Well was off Tuesday AND Wednesday. Nice combination huh? Well I was still in bed still battling with my cold. I also had scheduled an appointment for Charter Cable to come out and update the receiver in the family room to the new tv. Well I had explained to them last night while at DAnielle's house that we also wanted a new line of service run in my sister's room. So when the installer gets out there, he states that's not on his work order. So I call Charter Customer Service and pretty much from my conversation with the rep, they phucked up on their end. So the Charter technican who came out to my house (cute-ass white guy) was able to swap out the receiver and he showed me how to work the new HD channels on our T.V. SWEET;)

So later on my dad is in family room adding a gloss coat to the wood finish. It was looking great yet there was a weird smell to the stuff he was using but I assumed it would dissolve itself within a couple of hours. Uh-UH. The smell to me had gotten worse and when my mom got home she tried to take a nap and the fumes had gotten to her so bad we decided to leave the house and get some food shopping done to prepare for christmas being at our house. We get done withint a couple of hours and head back to the house.

We pick the grean beens and greens and store them in ziploc bags in the fridge. We also were trying to bake cookies but we had so much going at the same time unfortunately most of the batches had overbaked. I told her not to throw them away though. I tried one out and they were still edible. So we cleaned up the kitchen and headed up stairs because the fumes were STILL kicking our butt from the family room. So i'm in my room trying to deal with it the best that I can and realize that since we have central air and heating the damn vents from downstairs in the family room was feeding the smell through the rest of the house.

Wednesday (12/20)- Well i have a bigger concern because a friend of mine who is an installer from my job was suppose to come out to the house today to install our home theater system in the family room and I'm concerned that he might not do it because of the fumes. I wouldn't blame him if he said no. i know for me it was hard to deal with because I didn't get to sleep until 4am and that was only because I opened every window in my room to help circulate the foul smell outside. So hopefully the severe headache I'm getting from the fumes will slowly dissolve. Yet i'm not a gambling person so I won't play my hand on that yet. Not to mention it's pure irony in a way. I have a cold and I've been staying warm to fight it off yet I'm dealing with this weird smell in my house and I have to let all my windows up to deal with THAT. So........I might have the cold just a bit longer that I expected;)
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