December 24, 2006

what a jolly weekend before christmas

Hello gals and boys. Hope all is well with your x-mas shopping and decking the halls with full of holly. Well my weekend so far has been okay. So I shall do my best to recap for you so far.

Thursday (12/21)- Well if you recall from the previous day. I had quite an issue with getting my new theater sound system being hooked up because of an issue with the customer service area screwing up my appointment. So I had to seriously take matters into my own hands to see what could be done. So after I had calmed down from yesterday I called the customer service people AGAIN and was able to finally get through and make an appointment. So then I asked the lady that came on the phone the earliest my technican could come out to the house to set my stuff up and she states not until Jan. 1, 2007. So I calm down and make the appointment.

I then immediately call up to my job and speak with my General Manager and explained the dilema to her. She states she would give me a call back or at least let me know what's going on by the time I get in noon. So I didn't hear anything by then so when I get to the store she states she talked to some other people and told them my situation. The technican i wanted to do the work was suppose to give me a call back later on that day to give me an update on what could be done.

By 4pm i hadn't heard anything so i called the tech myself and he stated he would be in the store later on by 8pm or so. So he gets there and we talk and tells me that he will definitely try to get to my house after 4pm to install the stuff.

So Danielle and i leave and i take her home. i get home and inform my family of the update in the situation. So after that i chill out and relax for the evening.

Friday (12/22)- Well today i had work and was off by 4pm. I was suppose to have a hair appointment but had to cancel because of a conflict in scheduling. Yet by the time I was home I was ready to take a lil nap before I had to go to a musical. Yet around 6pm one of the techs from my job came by to start installing my system. I was SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! So by the time I left there were 3 techs at my house munching on my mom's delicious chocolate cookies and they were steady working on the project as my mom and I were leaving the house. So my dad stayed at the house while they were working.

I was going to a musical out at Westport called MENOPAUSE. yes it was called MENOPAUSE. it started around 7:30pm and we were out by 9:15pm. It was very cool. Pretty much it's about 4 women who are stuggling with the effects of menopause and sing old classics that have been remastered to talk about how they deal with menopause. I was laughing my ass off. My mom went as well as my Aunt Jessie and her daughter. Oh and also Diahanna (my sister) went also since she was the one who was able to get the tickets. Yet she was going to sleep in the show and decided to cut out early. Tacky...

So afterwards my mom and I get home and we go in the family room and the setup was great. WE gave it a test drive and everything sounded great. So then we went to bed.

Saturday (12/23)- Well today I had work from 10:30am till 7pm. Point blank it was so damn busy it was just nuts!!!!!! Customers being crabby and annoying. Yet you do have that one customer who makes you smile. Well besides one lil incident that day, it pretty much was hustling none stop. By 7pm I decided to stay a bit longer because the coworkers in my department were get swamped and I didn't want to leave them hanging. So I ended up staying until close to take Danielle home. So I clocked out at 11pm assuming it was time to go. Well then Danielle informs me we have a lil project to do and so we don't get done with THAT until 1:15AM. So if you do your math you will notice that means I worked from 10:30am till 1:15AM. Do you think I was jolly? Um not really just dead damn tired by this point.

So I take DAnielle home and get home myself. Tell my mom about my day and then get to bed because I have to be up in less than 7 hours and do it ALL over again. My ankles STILL hurt okay?

Sunday(12/24)- Well Twas the morning before christmas and all through the house, Not a person was stirring and better not even be a damn mouse. My ass got up around 8:45am, cursing that i didn't get enough sleep and wishing I could just sleep in.

So I drag my tired body out of bed, make it to the shower and adjust the head. I let the water refresh my tired soul, wondering how can I feel this way only being 27 years old.

I'm not looking forward to the day ahead, wishing this was just a bad dream and I could just fastforward to the end. I get to work by 10:10am, put my stuff in my locker, getting ready to clock in. I make it to my department and try to punch in, it states, YOU NEED AN OVERIDE FROM A MANAGER TO CLOCK IN.

I looked in a amazement and wonder what the fuck? Don't TELL ME I CAME IN EARLY that would just be my damn luck. So sure I checked my schedule for today, why wasn't my black ass not suppose to be there until 11AM?

So I get the override and inform my team, since my ass was here until 1AM you better believe, my shift will be short and painless as can be. So I work my shift and had a few laughs. But by 2pm I clocked out and out the door went my ass.

So I went home to try to take a nap. Yet by the time i woke up all the malls were closed so that was that. Not present picked up to give or wrap. So now I'm sittin in my room trippin just saying damn.

Well it's after midnight and offically christmas day. Take care and be well and enjoy what comes your way.
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