November 29, 2006

update to yesterday

Well yesterday I pretty much stayed close to my mom since she was sick yesterday and still sick today. I ran some errands for her that lasted about 2 hours and pretty much watched a couple of movies. This morning she called in sick again and I thought about calling in today to make sure she would be okay. Yet knowing my mom she probably would tell me to go to work so that's what I'll do.

Yesterday's weather was also very beautiful. I was expecting rain but I don't think it ever came. Either way the weather that we are having for November is quite amazing. Hopefully we won't get any snow. Not too fond of the stuff anymore.

Anyway I also have to decide when I'm going to inform my supevisor of my new full-time job that won't start until January, hopefully I can go back to part-time. Oh well it's about 8:10am and my mom just asked me to go to the gas station to get her something to drink. Hope you all have a good day. Take care.
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