June 5, 2007

Weird Weekend

Well right now I'm at my desk at my job and I'm sitting here much as I was yesterday with really nothing to do. I of course had to work the weekend at my other job. Yeah.... I bought my books for my Summer UMSL course yesterday.... Oh and I also went with my girl Tiffany and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End . We went to a 7:45pm show at the Regal Cinema Theaters and i must say it was an EXCELLENT MOVIE!!!! I've never been to a movie that almost lasted 3 hours and WISHED it would keep going. After the show we talked about going to see the new Harry Potter movie when that comes out and parted ways.

Also this past weekend I saw an old elementery school chum, Sarah. She was at my second job with her fiance and I kept looking at her as though i knew her and I had a co-worker go over to them and ask for their names. When he came back and confirmed it to me I went over and we hugged and made some small talk. We exchanged numbers and we then talked about our up coming 10th anniversary high school reunion. She stated that she was going, I wasn't too fond of my high school so anyone I see every now and then there are the people I care about. NOT the people who made my life a living hell.

Oh well there have been some interesting and major changes to the household as well. If you know me, you already know them, if you don't, don't ask:)
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