June 7, 2007


What's up people. how are YOU this great Thursday (that is until something comes along and phucks it up). Yesterday I had work and my Danielle called and told me she had tickets for the Cardinals game and asked if I wanted to use them because she couldn't go. I told her hell yea and thought maybe my parents would like to go because it was my dad's birthday yesterday and I thought maybe he would like to go with my mom.

They both declined, for different reasons, so now I was on the hunt to find someone to go with ME! I called around 10 people and left different messages on people's voicemail to see if anyone wanted to go. I also called my cousin Sean who is a huge baseball fanatic and also plays. He's going to college on a full ride because of baseball, the young man has skillz.

So I called him and he stated he couldn't go because he had company over. I told him okay and less than 30 seconds after disconnecting the call, he calls me back and states that he going. So I told him no problem and that I would come through and swoop him. I then call Danielle and tell her that I'm taking my cousin and she says cool and I go to the job and get the tickets from her.

I Google a map to Sean's house and I get there after 5:45pm or something like that. He has fellow baseball player friend there and I say hi, another is just pulling up in front of the house and he comes in the house. Apparently they all have a double header tomorrow morning at Lindenwood and decide to just stay at Sean's house for the night. Sean and I leave around 6pm something from his house and we get to downtown around 6:45.

We find some damn good parking for $10 and go in the stadium. We went into an entrance that is completey opposite from the side I'm used to going into and I must say it's pretty damn nice;) We also were able to see the World Series trophy and checkout some other sites. We ended up making a full circle before we realized that we had to go UP to get to our seats. Which were located in section 445. Even though it was high up the seats were still great. You could see the game with no problems and it was fun for Sean because this was his first game in the new Busch Stadium. Today he's going to the Cards game also against the Angels.

Well we had a funny Cinnanti Reds fan in our section and of course when you have alchol in your system you become an.................ASS. So at first the Reds were winning and he was being silly about it in a good natured way, but then the Cards came back and well....what can I say you didn't hear that much from the Reds guy that much anymore. At the top of the 8th inning we decide to leave so Sean can get back home and get some rest for his game in morning.

We go by White Castle so he can grab some grub. We get to the house and the whole family is in and up and about. We are laughing it up for a while before I make my exit after 10:30pm. I get home and crawl into bed and it's light's out. Overall had a great day.:)
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