June 25, 2007

A busy day in the office

Good evening and I hope you are well. I on the other hand have been nothing but busy today. Once I arrived at work I immediately went to work on dealing with the issue of my UMSL course. I called the registrar's office and asked them a few questions in regards to recouping all of my tuition fee's. So the lady told me I would have to write an appeal. So I started on that and it was 2 pages long and faxed it in with some information. As for the rest of the day it went by pretty fast since I was dealing with that issue as well as reading a book from time to time.

As usual it was hot as hell in my office and I couldn't wait to get out and enjoy some real Air Conditioning. I ALSO thought today would be payday for me, but I sure got a big surprise. Appreantly since I'm administration my normal last check was.....check THIS out....June 10, 2007. BUT I'm working Summer School right?????? Well apparently from what I was told that is a totally different check all together and guess when I get paid....your gonna love this.....July 10, 2007. A whole frumpin nother 2 weeks away. Can you say PUCKIN FISSED OFF!!! So bills that I planned on paying with this check, I'll have to go into my reserve cash to pay off. Not a happy bitch.

I got off of work around 2pm and went to Break-A-Away to enjoy some Pasta Con Broccoli and enjoy my book. I stayed there until 3 something and then went home to take a nap. I sat at the computer in the Dining Room table and my mother is upstairs (still not talking to each other) and she comes down stairs on the phone (I think she was talking to my sis) and I decided to go upstairs since our shitty Computer apparently has some virus issues.

I take a nap and wake up at 4pm so I can get to UMSL to deal with this damn course and right now while I'm waiting for my professor to come in and sign my drop form I'm in the Student Lab across the hall just typing this shit up. Isn't communication wonderful?
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