June 14, 2007

boy this past weekend!

Sorry for the drag in updates. My latest comes from this past weekend (June 9-11). This past weekend Danielle and I rented a car from Thrifty Car rental. We had been looking around and Danielle wanted a Dodge Charger. We search online and even called customer service. Well they didn't have that car anymore so we requested a Dodge Magnum. Originally we were going to get the car on Friday (hair appointment, baking sweets, etc..) but was too busy. So I had my mom take me up to Thrifty on Saturday morning before I had work at Job #2. As we are waiting the lady that was helping us informs us that there are no more Magnums.

So I'm looking bummed as hell, so she asks if I would like a Chrysler 300c for the same price. hmmm...................let me think about this............still thinking........still thinking.....What the Phuck do you think I said? A YEAH??!!!
So I received a white Chrysler 300c, a bare model, not fully loaded. Yet it was still a nice damn rental. Took a minute to get used to because it was so damn HUGE!!! I get to job and inform Danielle of the total bill on the rental. Thought her eyes were gonna roll in the back of her head lolol.

So after we work our shifts we go to the Saint Louis Mills to find some outfits. I of course don't have any luck going to Old Navy, yet Danielle has better luck at Burlington Factory. Then we swoop to Northwest Plaza, so I can pay on a jewelry layway and she goes by CHAMPS to check out some items. AFter that we swoop out the Galleria so I can go by the store TORRID out there.

As we pull up I notice one of my co-workers from job #1, we talk for a couple of minutes and go our separate ways. I go to Torrid and find a cute top and some jeans. Danielle thinks the outfit is cute and my co-worker who came by the store also gave the same opinion. So I ring up and we head out. I say my good-byes to my co-worker and Danielle and myself head to my house so I can change clothes. Danielle with her funny ass self had already changed into her clothes while in the CAR!!!

After changing clothes and I get back outside and get in the car, Danielle informs me that a co-worker of ours from job #2 is going through some issues and told her we would meet her out at Westport Hooters. Yet we had already told our boy, Larry that we would be going to his crib to see him, so we decided to swoop him once he got home from running around and he came with us to Hooters.

So about 20 minutes later, we get to Westport Hooters and meet up with our co-worker. We go in and grab a table. We order our food and drinks and we make conversations. Danielle is talking with Larry, while I talk with our co-worker. She was having relationship issues and I talked to her and gave her my advice on her situation.

Around a few hours later we leave and then we go to Westport Plaza to check out the clubbin scene. Apparently by the time we get there, a fight has already broken up so everyone was told to pretty much leave the area. Cop cars are around pretty much maintaing control. So we decided to just leave and we say our good-byes to our co-worker. So I take DAnielle home and then Larry, and then finally took my own behind home.

Sunday- Unfortuantely the Hooters made me a tad bit sick, so I called off work. Danielle wanted to go to Six Flags, but unfortnately there was rain in the forecast and it came true. So I went to her place and saw Mina who was on her way out as well for a baby shower. After Danielle gets dressed we go by Trina's house (a co-worker from job #2) and swoop her as well. WE go out to the Schnucks in the shopping area by Halls Ferry and Lindbergh. Well THEY go into Schnucks I go into a Beaty supply store and shop around. Afterwards we go to West County Mall. and I go to the Torrid there and found this sexy top and just had to get it.

After shopping there we go by Danielle's house again to pick up her brother and then head on out to Fairview Heights, IL and stop at the Best Buy out there for a quick errand. We then head out to LOTTA WATTA CREEK restaurant, the food there is absolutely devine. We chillout, talk, eat, and enjoy ourselves. I am starting to get sleepy and since I have work in the morning, I'm starting to nod off at the table. Danielle states she wants to go to the movies and see OCEAN 13 and I'm looking at her like she's crazy. At first I was against the idea because I needed to get home and get some sleep.

As we are on the highway back to St. Louis, I tell her to check times at Regal Theaters at the St. Louis Mills Mall. A show comes on at 9:45pm so we head there to see the movie. The movie was pretty good at least the parts I remember not falling a sleep on. AFter the movie I take Trina home, and then swoop around to take DAnille and her brother home. All in all I didn't get home till after 1am and I had to be back up at 5:30am. You talking about a crappy bitch when I got up. I told myself that would NEVER happen again.

Monday- Had work as usual, but that evening I started my UMSL course in Macroeconomics. NOT FUN. Class started at 5:30pm so I had to sotp by the Bookstore and get some last minute things. I get to class, meet the teacher and I feel like the course is something from hell. Being in that classroom again I realized why I hated school so damn much. Yet I sucked it up and went through without falling asleep. AFter class lets out I go outside and sit on a bench and wonder how in the hell am i going to pull off a B or higher in this class.

FASTFORWARD to today (june 14), I had my second macroeconomics class yesterday, if I thought I was confused on Monday, it was confirmed yesterday. Now i'm at my desk just chillin about to start reading this damn Macroeconomics book and wonder will anything actually absorb. Chat with you chickens later... TATATA
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