July 27, 2007

Whoa Orlando is amazing!!!

Okay its official.....This is a great place to live. Yesterday before Kai came back home from James off, she picked up a friend of her's whose birthday happen to be July 26. So I was able to meet her and she was a really cool and down to earth person. We were all geared up to go to the beach, but not before we were treated to a fashion show by miss diva Aislyn showcasing her swimming suits and I must say she received perftect finger snaps on all of them. So after miss thang decided on a pink swimming we get ready to get into the car when Kai's friend unfortunately has a mishap with the garage door with one of her hands.

She assure Kai that she's okay but after we get in the car and only get a few blocks away her friend informs her that she doesn't feel too good and needs some cool air so we return immediately back to the house and we order some pizza and chicken wings. So after Aislyn has a few pizza she is pretty much ready for her nap and while she is in dreamland. The ladies start talking about men, sex, relationships, etc. etc. etc. and I must say the talk was great!

So about 6pm or so we head on out and go to one of the malls. We drop off Aislyn to her dad who works close in the area and we make are way to Macy's to try to find Kai's friend a pretty outfit to wear for the next day. I of course being the explorer that I am happen to go around and check the place out. We also stopped at some other stores but while they happen to be in Dillards I went to Bath and Body Works to go buy Kai some Brown Sugar and Fig Bath products since she liked the scent that I was wearing that morning.

It was so funny because she called me asking me where I was and the connection was bad on our cellphones so I kept telling her I would meet her back at Macy's after telling her that I was at Bath and Body works but she couldn't make it out. She eventually did understand me and came through as I was coming out. I had a big ole smile on my face as I gave her the bag and she just loved the stuff.

So soon afterwards since the mall was closing we go back through Macy's to get to Kai's car and make our way to dropping off Kai's friend. Let me tell you something. Orlando is simply amazing, have I said that already? We drove highways and major streetways with shops lined up on both sides and my head was litereally out of the window just in awe. After we dropped Kai's friend off we made our way to a near bye McDonald's because I had to go to the restroom. Well the McDonalds that we stopped by was so simply a cultral shock. It was done in African Motifs from the outside of the building all the way to the inside, hell the restroom had AFrican Masks and different mirrors and for a split second I was contemplating how I would be able to get one of the mirrors out without them seeing me.

So after I get back to the car Kai asks if I want to drive and I said sure, so she guided out of the area and showed me more of Orlando at night and I must say it was simply beautiful. We went through what I would call a bit of a tourist strip for people out of town, it remind me of a piece of Vegas with all the lil shops all crammed on both sides of the street with attractions left and right, and Kai says it never shuts down in that area as well. We even drove by the Ripley's Believe or Not!!! building. Not to mention a building that was completely UPSIDE!!! Yes the foundition of the building was in the air with upside trees, light posts, the whole works. We even stopped by a Wendy's and I was able to grab one of their burgers. Especially since they no longer exist in St. Louis.

So after that we get on the highway and stay on there which seems like forever and we finally make to a Wal-mart near Kai's house. We were acting look such idiots and having such a great time. All in a big ass Walmart. I was raving about where in the hell were the tampons and pads. She couldn't believe me when I yelled it out. While I was there I picked up some goodies for Aislyn as well as some other items as well. We finally get home about 1:15am and we put the groceries away and went to bed. James was still up watching some cartoons and we said good night.

You talking about a sista knocked out but for some reason I swear I thought someone came in my room and turned off a light and the tv. I don't know maybe I was in a deep sleep. But as long as I wake up still in Florida, I'll be alright;)
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