July 5, 2007

What a wonderful 4th of July

Well today is July 5th and the festivities associated with July 4th are officially over. I had a wonderful day yesterday. On July 3rd, I of course had work. After work was over around 2pm I went home and nobody was there at the time. I was debating about getting smoker prepared for the food but my mom called in the nick of time and told me don’t start yet because it was still too hot. So I chilled out and took a nap. Hell didn’t wake up until 5pm and that is when I started making fires in both my huge smoker and a smaller bar-q pit.

We put the baby back ribs and the pork steaks on the smoker and put chicken halves, chicken wings on the smaller bar-q pit. After the baby back ribs and pork steaks were done we took those in the house and then put the chicken quarters and some more chicken halves on the smoker. Soon after, the chicken wings in the smaller bar-q grill as well as the 2 chicken halves that we put on there were all ready to be taken off. So after clearing that off we then moved the chicken quarters from the smoker to the bar-q grill to cook faster while we still left the other 2 chicken halves in the smoker to cook.

Then after a while the last 2 chicken halves were done in the smoker we then threw on some hotdogs and polish sausages to finish off the night. So my mother and I were pretty much cooking from 5pm and didn’t get done until midnight. One of our neighbors came over and we talked for a spell and then she went home. We sure cooked up some meat that night 2 huge pans with nothing but chicken, ribs, and pork steaks. YUM YUM

After all that we cut up the meat and put it in the fridge. I’m so thankful I did the bar-q the day before the 4th and will keep doing that from now on. Of course I smelled like a smoke chicken and pig so I had to take a long as bath with one of my favorite scents from the Bath and Body works collection BREATHE COMFORT, it’s the bomb.

And then I took my ass to bed.

Fast-forward: 4th of July rolls around and I’m still knocked out from last night. I finally get up around 10 am (I think) and I go down stairs to help my mom prepare food for the day. We made Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, HUGE Rolls, reheated the chicken, ribs, and pork steaks in the oven, and of course bar-q sauce for the meat.

Kamina came over around 3:30pm -4pm-ish and she chilled out in my room since I just got up from taking a nap and had just gotten out of the tub. Also apparently Trenton (my play brother) was already down stairs and had been down there for almost an hour without me knowing. So I had to get dressed quickly and then Mina and I went downstairs to chill and eat.

Around 5:45pm, Mina and I left to go pick up Danielle from work since the store closed early around 6pm. She was ready and we made it back to the house and Trenton had already made it back himself with his girlfriend in tow this time. So introductions were made and then we were all chilling out in the family room along with Diahanna and then Patrina (another co-worker) came over and we were all watching some Impersonator show on tv and then flipped to The HOUSE OF PAYNE and watched some episodes of that. Mom came in also to relax so we were just having a great time. Trenton and his gal soon left around 7pm-ish to go catch Transformers. Which left the rest of us just relaxin and talking the night away. My girls left around 10pm and I helped my mom put the food away and get the kitchen back together.

I was debating on going to the movies but the wine in my system stated otherwise so I took myself upstairs and went to sleep and didn’t wake up until 5:45am. So of course I’m still recouping from my SPIRITS drinking from the previous shin-ding. But you know what? It was worth it;)

Hope you had a kick-ass 4th of July, I sure as hell did;)
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