July 14, 2007

What an interesting night............

Well yesterday was offically my last day of work at my full time job. Great right? Well of course it would have been if I had a car to get around so I had to resign myself to my mom picking me up from work and us going home to just chill. Well I woke up around 5:30pm bored out of my mind and told my mom we should get out of the house for a spell. So we get dressed and make our way out to St. Peters, MO. WE go by the Marshalls out there and then to the T.J. Maxx. At Marshalls we had a good time looking at stuff but by the time we left T.J. Maxx we weren't speakin to each other. Go figure.

So when we get back home around 7:30pm I go to the computer because I was pissed and I wanted to get out of the house and go see Harry Potter. Well of course I was without car so I was trying to figure out how in the world was I going to get to the St. Louis Galleria to catch the 9:40pm show? So I check out Metrolink schedule which had definitely changed within the 10 years since I had been on it last.

I left my house around 8:40pm and made my way up to UMSL south station and JUST missed a train that had pulled up. So I had to wait another 20 minutes for the next train and made my way to Forest Park where I had to apparently wait for the TRANFER train that would take me to the Richmond Heights location. By this time it was already 9:40pm still at the Forest Park location and I kept telling myself they were still no previews.

So finally the damn train shows and I finally get to Richmond Heights and the time is now 9:55pm. I dash off the train and get inside the Galleria and get to the movie area down stairs by 10:10pm. I grab some Nachos and a soda and get inside the movie theater the place is so damn pack I have to sit up front and of course I've missed the first 10-15 min. of the movie.

Overall the movie was fantastic and it's a shame that they won't be doing any more sequels unless they can talk the cast into it. Yet lets get the part where now it's time for me to go home. I get back to the Richmond Heights Metrolink station and by this time I've already missed the train that I should have caught AGAIN. So now I ahve to wait 20 minutes for the right train. I get concerned because it's becoming very close to when Metrolink will shut down. So Eventually a train comes in the opposite direction and I get on. I make my way to the next stop and get off the train and ask one of the security people if there is another train coming in the direction that I really need they said yes. So eventually 5 minutes later a train does come and I get back on and make my way back to Forest Park Station. Now I still needed my main transfer train to take me back to USML south station.

I found the HELP button on some stand on the platform and asked them if I had missed the last LAMBERT AIRPORT train and they stated...................yes. So now I'm lookin like OH-SHIT!!! So I asked is there any bus I can catch that will get me back over to UMSL South and the lady states NO NO NO. So I'm like SHIT SHIT SHIT. SO I go up the street level and get my cellphone and called 411 to get a cab service. I get connected to Lacleade Cab Service and someone picks me up within 10 minutes.

The guy who picks me up is of Native African Descent and we make conversation the whole way to my house. I finally got home around 1:30am and boy was I tired. We had a good talk and I gave him one of my back-up numbers to call me on. To make things worse I had a meeting TODAY at 7am. So ask me if Im tired?
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