July 30, 2007

My last full day in florida

Well all good things must come to an end and unfortunately my vacation in Florida is one of them. I woke up this morning about 7am and just sat up in my bed reflecting on my time here with Kai and her family. I've had nothing but a wonderful time. Kai and James left early this morning to run some errands and so I kept watch over Aislyn. I checked my MYSPACE account this morning and saw I had some new blog comments to a past blog that I wrote called CLOSURE (5/24/07).

Pretty much it was a response I like to call the L-L-L response. LATE-(read the post on time so you keep up to date), LAME-ASS-(full of sorry ass excuses), LOSER-(Accomplished a whole lot of NOTHING) response to the issue of the post. I wrote my respone, he wrote his response, and then I wrote my third response on the subject. In honesty I feel sorry for him he walks around as though the joke is always on somebody else when he fails to see that he's the sorry-ass punchline. Sometimes I wonder how in the world did I ever think he was special. Quite simply I pity him. The only other person I pity far more is his daughter. I pray she never meets a man the way her father treats people or more to the point the way his behavior was towards me. Yet having met his family, I know she'll be alright.

Beyond that mildly annoying situation. Aislyn slept till 10:30am but when she got up she was ready to roll! We kicked it until 1pm when her momma came in and we all just chilled out around the house until it was time to pick up daddy and we left the house around 5:15pm. We picked up James by 6pm and then went to Best Buy. We chilled out there for 2 hours and then went to a SuperWALMART. These things are HUGE!!!! We decided on Fried Chicken and french fries for the evening. So now I'm here just contemplating my last hours before my flight tomorrow evening. This place has been a blast.;)

UPDATE: About over an hour ago 10:00pm, Kai gave me a glass of wine and we went into the garage and had good talk. Let me refresh was a great talk. We had one while in the car today and this one tonight we talked some more. I shed some seriously big tears and I felt better about some of the things we talked about. Afterwards we ate James's famous fried chicken and french fries. Right now we are watching a pre-recorded session of BIG BROTHER 8. So again I say goodnight and this time tomorrow I will be back in the good ole LOU;) ciou peeps. I holla

ANOTHER UPDATE: 11:55pm, On the phone with an ole elementary classmate, Amanda, she's in the hospital keeping herself stable because of some issues with her baby. She is in good spirits and her baby when she is born will be named Ava Lily;) I wish her and her family all the best;)
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