July 25, 2007

Finally in Florida

Well it's offical ya girl is finally in Florida and I must say I'm simply loving it. Yesterday I left my house after some last checking preping on my luggage by mom (bless her) she did some re-arranging of my luggage so I wouldn't incur a surcharge on luggage if it was heavier than the alloted weight. I get to the East Terminal at Lambert Airport around 6pm and checkin. I go to gate E6 at the Southwest Airlines area and just chillout listening to my mp3 player. 2 flights had already gone by at the gate already and finally by 8:30pm we were able to board our plane. Originally it was scheduled to depart by 8:20pm but there was a delay and we didn't get off the runway until 8:50pm.

The plane was a smaller commerical airline and I had a row all by myself. They dimmed the lights so I pulled out my PSP and played BAND OF BROTHERS for a little while. While I was drinking my Sprite and eating my honey roasted peanuts and also eating my Air Crisps. I kept thinking to myself I can't wait to see Kai and the family. So as I'm up in the air I'm looking out my side window and think to myself I'm so blessed to have friends who care and love me enough to send me on a vacation so I can just kick back and relax.

Fastforward to about midnight. Plane touches down and I forgot how HUGE the Orlando Airport (MCO) is. I got off the plane thinking Kai might be out there, yet I don't see anyone. Then I follow the rest of the passengers to some shuttles that you have to take to get to the main part of the Airport. I get to baggage claim and find my bags and go to a bench.

My phone didn't recognize the Time Zone change so my damn phone is still saying 11:03pm, so I'm thinking, OH CRAP, I bet Kai is still at home and not going to be on her way for at least 15 more minutes. Yet as soon as I turn around I see her come through the crowd. I was just so happy and jumped up and down. We started tearing up and gave each other a huge ass hug.

She took some of my luggage and warned me that she might have forgotten where she parked. I didn't care because I knew we had at least 7 days to find it in the parking lot. After we find her car on the first try. We started to leave the airport but got mixed up and eventually we were on our way after 15 minutes but I just thought it's okay I'm just on a really cool road trip.

We stop by a Walmart Superstore and for those who have never seen such a store. Think of it as a Walmart and a Schnucks, or even your friendly Dieberg or Shop N' Save combined into one huge MEGA STORE. The place is HUGE. Now I understand why Schnucks and the other 2 don't want Walmrt Superstores in the Saint Louis area.

So after going there for some food and other items we head on to her house which is simply beautiful. I was in awe when I arrived here last night and I'm still in awe now. When we got in last night James, her husband, was playing one of my favorite games, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. YEAH!!! We chilled out drank some wine and ate some potatoe chips. Hell Kai and I didn't go to bed until 5am this morning.

I woke up I think around 9 or 10am and went over to Aislyn's room and there she was with her momma. She was smiling but a bit shy at first and now we straight kicking it TOUGH!!!! We've been having fun all day long and I'm just having a blast. Kai cooked a mean breakfast and I had to put a dent in my plate;)

So right now, James is at work, Aislyn is taking her afternoon nap and Kai and I are about to go play LORD OF THE RINGS on XBOX. I'm having a great time and i can't wait to see what the week brings. Ta-Ta. you WISH you could be here;)
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