July 21, 2007

Man what a few couple of days!!!!

Okay so we already know that my main job is done as far as working but I'm still working on the side at job #2. It's been pretty nice not to really have to worry about work as much besides covering a shift for a fellow co-worker this past Tuesday. Oh and I've done some clothes shopping to get ready for my trip to Florida. Not to mention I got to call kai to see what a great present would be for Aislyn. This week has really gone by fast for some strange reason, guess with my damn cramps and all. Boy I had MAJOR cramps this past week and I'm so glad they have come and gone because if they had happend while I was on the trip I would of have really pissed off.!!!!!

Well as far as outfits go I actually bought a dress. Can you believe it a dress!!! Haven't bought one of those in years and a few pretty tops. Bringing jeans of course and some jogging stuff to kick it in. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. Then on Aug. 14-16 I'm going to Chicago for my side job and I get to room with Danielle so that's just gonna be super!!!!!

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and got there at 2:30pm. I didn't get worked on until 4pm and I didn't leave the place until 7pm. Went home for a minute to chill out and then picked up Danielle from work and originally we were going to go see the new movie with Adam Sandler. Yet decided to hold off because Mina wanted to see it but she was already out for the evening. So I have been fighting a serious cold this past week and it's pretty much cleared up right? But it was really kickin my ass yesterday and last night I thought maybe if I had some of HOOTERS mild wings it might help my nose to open up.

So we go by Danielle's house so she can change and then make our way downtown. Well I didn't realize that the LION KING was showing last night so we had to fight the crowds to just make it to Lindell. So after about 20 minutes we finally get through and get to Kiener's Plaza downtown and park and walk-into HOOTERS. The place is somewhat packed but it's also freezing cold. Thankfully I brought a shawl with me and after we were seated it took about 10 minutes for someone to get to us. Not good.

So finally after we are waited on we give our drink and food orders it takes to me personally about 20 minutes at least for us to get our food. I didn't know if they were killin the chickens and skinning the potatoes in the back. The wings were good but we had to send the fries back because they were COLD!! So after the second order of fries come out we are ok. About 30 minutes later we leave and I drop Danielle off back home. I take my ass home and realize I have to be up in time for work tomorrow at 9:30am. Fuckin YEA!!! (NOT!!!!!!!!!!)

Well today is Saturday and my shift is almost over. Can't wait to just get home and chill out and suppose to go to some very interesting club with Danielle because her cousin wanted her to come. Yet she stated she wouldn't go unless I go with her, some club called Attitiudes off of Manchester. So I thought why the hell not we drove past there last night and boy that place was poppin;) I do know it's a gay club and I thought well I've never been to one and what could be the big deal???? Famous last words huh?
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