July 6, 2007

Let’s make it a movie night

Well yesterday I had work and after I got off I went to UMSL to enroll in the CORRECT economics class and also I am going to take Business Writing in the fall. After wrapping that up I went to Break-Away Café off of Natural Bridge near Hanley Road and had my favorite, Pasta Con Broccoli.

After getting the rest of my food put in a to-go container I went home and took a nap. Then I woke up and started moving boxes I had in my room and in the back porch downstairs to be put in a storage facility. My girls had been calling me to give me the time to hook up with them and Mina’s family to go see TRANSFORMERS at the AMC Creve Coeur Movie Theater. We met up at 8pm and got tickets for the show I also saw one of my former co-workers from my main job there as well. Let me tell you something………..when this movie comes out on DVD, I am SO GETTING THIS!!!!!

The movie was phucking unbelievable the action and the special effects were just something you only dream about. This movie had the plot going on as well; I damn near wanted to jump out of my SEAT!!!! Optimus Prime was just awesome and so were the other characters. Mega-Tron looked just as much the bad-ass leader.

OVER-ALL if I had 4 hands I would give this 4 thumbs up.!!!! After the movie let out I went to the restroom and then Mina decided she wanted to go see KNOCKED UP so we said our good-byes to Mina’s family and so then Danielle, Mina, and myself went to go see that movie which started at 10:30pm and didn’t get out of there till 1am. That movie was just hilarious. Definitely the same smart humor from 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN. Highly recommend if you should do a 2 movie in 1 night deal. Go see those 2. You won’t be disappointed.

Well today I’m at work and just bumming out because………….I’m at work…….but it is pay day from job #2 and it’s also hair day so thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya’ll have a good day and try to stay cool!!!
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