July 11, 2007

The summer is almost gone……….

With Summer School almost out for my job, I can’t help but think about how I have yet to be able to enjoy myself. Especially when I was taking the summer UMSL course that I had to eventually drop because I was informed incorrectly by some at the School that I needed the class when in fact I had already taken the course and passed it.

Well yesterday I officially bought my airplane ticket to go visit my girl Kai and her family. I will be there from July 24 to the 31 and I can’t wait. This is definitely a vacation that is so long overdue. Who knows I might get down there and not want to come back. Cross your fingers;)

Also yesterday after cleaning my room (I know some people are like WHOA) Mina and Danielle picked me up around 4pm and we went out to Ameristar and met up with one of Mina’s sisters to enjoy the buffet. As usual A+++. Keisha (Mina’s sis) and Danielle went to go play some Blackjack which left Mina and I at the table talking. We met up with them about 10 minutes later and just chilled out while Keisha was still playing. Danielle and I went to go play some penny machines and Mina stayed with Keisha to play Blackjack. About an hour later we said our goodbyes to Keisha and they dropped me off back home.

I went to my now clean room and just stretched across the bed. Also my car was making a funny rattling sound as I was leaving work which is why the girls had to come get me. Haven’t been able to tell my dad yet so probably will let him know when he gets home this evening. So far the highlight of my day has been paying bills. Hopefully you can find something a tad bit more exciting to do with your day than I have. Ta-ta
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