July 13, 2007

Last day of summer school, first day of relaxation

Hey ya’ll guess what?????????? It’s official my last day of summer school at my regular job. YIPEEEE. Yes I know and you are probably wondering what I am going to do with myself from now till the 24th (Florida Trip). Well I’m just going to kick back and relax as well as work some days at my other job. Get myself prepared of course for the trip and who knows take in a yoga class or 2 to help myself relax.

I’ve been talking to Kai and I am just mega-psyched about this trip. I’ve been thinking of places I want to visit. I definitely want to go to a Salsa club, go to the beach, just anyplace really. Not to mention I can check out the men down there;) (BIG SMILE ON FACE). Who knows while I’m down there I will definitely check out the area to see what apartments and even houses are going for.

Well today it about 10:30am and we will be having an assembly around 11am for the summer school kids. After that I assume they will be released so they can enjoy the rest of their summer school-free.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. Whatever I do, it will be limited to probably the house since my car is in the shop and I won’t be able to get it until Monday. Now tell me THAT doesn’t suck. Oh well I guess, Harry Potter will just have to put on hold along with the other movies that I want to see.

I can’t help but wonder sometimes will this be year I finally get my head cleared out and get myself focused and geared up for what is coming ahead. I hope so.
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