July 23, 2007

Got a new Attitude;)

Ok, as you all will recall I was suppose to go with Danielle to a club called ATTITUDES off of Manchester and Vandevetter (forgive on spelling.). It was a gay club and we barely made it in the door by 11pm to avoid paying a cover charge. We get in the bar area and we take a table and just chill out. At first there werent that many people probably about 20. Then they opened up the dancefloor area which was in another area of the club.

Once that opened up Danielle and I moved to one of the tables in the club area and just chilled out. Within probably an hour I would say the place was starting to get pack quick. So I would say the crowd went from 20 to at least almost 200 minimun QUICK!!! People from all walks of life were in that club and having a ball. The music was just banging and you talking about people dancing they ass OFF!!!

Danielle and I were just chillin and head nodding to the music. The activity that was going on there was nothing but lively. Men on men and women on women getting they grove on and I when I say they were bumping and grinding, I mean they were bumping and grinding. Some of the stuff I saw with this cage on the stage just left my mouth dropped to the ground. It was straight madness.

Hell I even ended up buying Danielle and myself drinks I wasn't even tired but damn we had to leave about 2:15am because we both had work in the morning. I honestly have to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Normally when I go to club people are boring because they want to stay on the walls and check each other out and look at each other like they will beat your ass if you look at them longer than the 5 SECOND RULE. Yet at this place everyone knew each other, black, white, asian, latino, it didn't matter everyone was there to have a good time.

We might hit up another club once I get back from Florida on the following Saturday once I come back. Probably will hit up Novacks. HAHAHAHA

Also yesterday I had work and afterwards I went bowling with some friends and we had a phucking BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! The atmosphere was great we were the only ones in the bowling place besides one person and my boy put on the jukebox one of my favorite songs, a real blast from the plase, GUNS N ROSES - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Of course my silly ass starting head banging and just kicked back. We didn't leave the place until 11:35pm and man it was GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooooooooo
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