July 26, 2007

First full day of Florida

Yesterday we chilled out at the house and had FRIED FISH and FRENCH FRIES for dinner. DELICIOUS!!!! Later on that evening after James came home from work, Kai, James, and myself played the game GAUNTLET up until close to 2am this morning. So I'm really shocked that I woke up THIS MORNING!!!

This morning I woke up from one great dream. It was perfect because I was still in florida!!! I of course woke up around 7am because my internal clock won't let me do otherwise unless I have a hangover and that's just maybe 40% possibility. My god-baby woke up around 20 minutes later and she came over to my room to watch some cartoons. After a while she stated she was hungry so I took her downstairs and fixed her a bowl of cereal.

Kai and James came down around 8:30am and Kai is taking James to work so we can kick it and go to the malls and check out some places. So me and miss thang are just kickin it around the house. I holla;)
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