July 29, 2007

Still having a great vacation

Well you guys my vacation is slowly coming to an end but you know what? It has been absolutely fantastic. These past couple of days I've been able to go to different malls, go to a Martini club called the Blue Martini and the place was just packed with people. Had a great evening there talking with James, Kai and a few of their friends up until the point when we were about to leave and some asshole security guy tries to muscle Kai to giving our waitress a tip. Sad thing is she probably would have gotten one had the guy not been an ASSHOLE!!!! This of course happened Friday night. Oh and ya girl got seriously lit that night too. I had 2 sex on the beaches martinis and they were GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we hit up a mall after going to the movie theater and not finding anything that interested us. I was able to find a TRADE SECRET and replenish my hair maintance products. We also hit up 2 different Best Buys in the area, they were pretty nice. Of course there has been rain on and off since I got here and I must say even that is better down here than in Saint Louis.

Today we went to Daytona Beach and for the first time I was able to see the ocean and actually put my feet in the sand. It was phucking amazing. Kai took some pictures of me as I was giggling like a lil nut. I had a wonderful time just running in the water raising my gouchos up to my thighs and seeing how far I could go without getting my pants wet. yea that was too far. I wish I could have stayed there forever not to mention there was this HEFTY chick in a Bikini. I thought damn if she can rock it why can't I? I'll tell you why, because I have god given sense that's the hell why. Big people and spandex don't mix unless it is interwoven into a pair of jeans.

After the frolicking in the beach we head on over to a lil shopping mart area and decide to have lunch at a place called get this...........Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack. Yes it is connected to Bubba Gump the movie and I must say it was great atmosphere, staff, and I even had an alcoholic Lemonade, it was great. I was also able to see the outer area of the Daytona NASCARA racing speed track. Man I would not be able to suck up everything in one day.

I'm just grateful I have at least 1 more day to enjoy myself. Also my god-daughter had a mini vacaction herself with some friends of Kai's from this past Friday and she came back this evening and I missed her so much. I took some more pictures of her and showed her some more gifts that I bought her. I took some lil home made video's to remember her by. The girl is simply amazing.

At first I didn't know what to get her but once I found out that she liked Dora the Explorer that has been my main focus for buying her gifts. I want to make sure she enjoys everything. Not to mention I definitely wanted to make sure that I got gifts for Kai and James as well. They have been wonderful hosts but more importantly they have been wonderful family;)

Also with this time to be down here I have felt such a weight off of my shoulders because I have been able to just sit back and chill and just wonder about me for once. I felt that I've been able to call my family back home and have great conversations and I've been able to say "I love you" for the first time in such a long time. Do you realize I don't even REMEMBER the last time I've said that anyone in my family. Heck even my sis called me asking for advice on purchasing a certain T.V. and I gave her my advise and even offered to help her pick out her T.V. After I hung up I just had a big smile on my face. I was like wow, I can have a positive relationship with family. I just a need a breather from time to time.

Which has me really wondering about trying to move down here. This would be a perfect place for me to start over and be fresh. St. Louis is a cool city but I feel it is too confining and just not enough. Not to mention it holds some memories that I rather not have to think about from time to time randomly. Not to say I don't appreaciate the good ones. I just feel it's time for me to move on. Yet I want to make sure that if I do it has to be on terms that I'm steady enough and comfortable to do. For me school would be a huge factor. I would like finish my degree before moving anywhere. I feel that if I didn't finish here there is is a strong chance I wouldn't persue it anymore.

I know working retail is not the future I want for the rest of my life. There is alot that I would want to do. Not to mention the houses down here just simply devine. Some of the structures are just breathtaking and the key thing I've heard from Kai is location if you want a deal on a house. Who knows hopefully in the future, I might be able to call their family neighbors. lolol;) Not to mention there are some seriously hot guys just walking around this place. HOT HOT HOT

Oh well it's getting late and I'm about to turn in for some shut eye. This evening I made them bake chicken, James made some pasta, and Kai provided a brownie treat. What can I say????????// YUM YUM YUM
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