April 3, 2006

15, 30, 40 (tennis terms, well except the last part)

15, 30, 40, ouch (tennis terms, well except the last part)

Well this past weekend was interesting to say the least. On Saturday, Kamina and I hooked up to play a friendly game of tennis. So I went to her place and we then proceeded to go to Forest Park. We finally find the Tennis Courts which are packed. We find a place to park and then find out we have to walk half around the darn place just to find the entrance gates. We see some people leaving the courts and we take the first court closest to the gates. Well we are playing and I’m working muscles I haven’t used in YEARS when after about 15 minutes of playing, a lady informs us that there is a waiting list for the courts and that a tournament was going on. LOLOL boy you are talking about embarrassed. Not to mention you have to pay to play. Well we weren’t feeling that too much so we decided to go play racquetball at the courts across the street, WITH our tennis racquets and tennis balls;) We had fun playing that for a while and then decided to go to IHOP for breakfast. I treated her to breakfast to say thank you for working out with me. We decided in the future to first eat, and then play tennis.

So we go back to her place to chill out and watch some TV. We both still have some energy and want to go play some more tennis. So we end up going to Tower Grove Park, driving around until we find the tennis area. We go in and find out they have fees as well, but a gentleman by the name of Jim was kind enough to let us play without paying. He informed us that if we were students we could join for $30 for the whole year. I told him when I come back next week, I would be signing up, Kamina said she would also. So we enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours there until 3:30pm. Then we quit so I could get home and get myself mentally and physically prepared for work that evening. Overall I had a great workout and I had fun. Hopefully this will help motivate me to get back in shape.

Now YESTERDAY (Sunday) with my body in some serious pain and I’m finally aware of how many muscles it takes to WALK, there was a really bad hail storm and the electricity went out around 5 times in the store at job #2. Once we finally shut down, I went to the movies to go see SLITHER. It was funnier to me than scary. Then I made the trek home. Once I arrived at my neighborhood, I noticed that a lot of houses were without electricity. Yet for the first time in over 20 year that I have recalled, my street STILL had electricity while others did not. I go inside just to make sure I’m not dreaming and sure enough I see lights and hear T.V.’s playing. So after taking a late night shower, I head off to bed and dream of baked chicken.;) Yum
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