March 29, 2006

Interested thing happened today at the job

Interested thing happened today at the job……

Have you ever had a co-worker that just didn’t REALLY fit in with the rest? Well we HAD one (hint hint on the HAD part). He was relieved of his duties today, aka (FIRED).
I was a witness of his behavior today and let’s just say it included the words Masturbation and Nudity pop-up’s. He was talking to another co-worker who was looking at him like he was crazy. I was looking at her implying “did I just hear what I thought I just heard.” Well I happen to be on my break at a computer station and his cubicle is off to the side.

By this time, I was so zoned into the conversation I don’t remember why I signed into the Computer Station to surf the internet or the reason. So I just signed right back on out and went back to my cubicle. Around 30 minutes later the co-worker that was having the conversation with the NOW TERMINATED employee asked me if I overheard the conversation and I said yes. Now note the incident was around 10:30am she comes to me around 11:15am and then the strangest thing happens around 1pm.

The man comes down my isle and says, “Take care guys I’m being fired, nice to have worked with you.” Now mind you he says that to EVERYONE one of us INDIVIDUALLY. I have 5 other co-workers in my area. Now mind you I heard he did this to everyone else that happens to be in 3 other isles. Originally he had been saying, “Take care guys I’m being fired for Sexual Harassment, nice to have worked with ya.” Well apparently he said it while our Supervisor was behind him getting ready to escort him out the building and he told the employee, “Say it again, and I will call Security”. Well he stopped and said the OTHER phrase by the time he walked down my isle.

Weird thing is this person was just hired and I don’t think he was with the company a month yet!! Not to mention we found out that he was previously fired from another job for the same behavior he showed today. When will people learn? But you know what the really sad part is? Apparently he had been warned about his actions last week for something totally different. He was talking to an employee and made the comment about how he thought he had “nigger lips” to a Caucasian lady in my isle that happens to be married to an African-American man!!! Well she filed a complaint against him, and he was given this warning, oh I don’t know last FRIDAY!!!!!!!!?????????

But I guess being a 50-60 year old Caucasian man, who has shoes that remind me of the Big Dude from the Harry Potter movies, smelling like cologne that has a petrol base to it (anyone wanna get high?), wears a surgical mask (Michael Jackson WILL be calling), Definitely has issues don’t ya think?

Well besides that my day is going slow, just had a townhall meeting for an hour with other co-worker for an update on the business. *YAWN* Dozed off a couple of times if I recall. The weather is really nice and I think I might go workout today. Hope you have a good day;)
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