March 28, 2006

I always feel like somebody's watching me (remember the song?)

I always feel like somebody’s watching me (do you remember this song?)

Well yesterday was a dreary rainy day. Just the way I like em. As you all well know I am not too fond of job #1. I still think some people have it out for me, but with other people I do feel that things have gotten better. I still am being cordial and respectful. It bother’s me to the point that I even think about it when I go home. I thinking I wonder what they are plotting on me now. Yet I keep reminding myself that being here is just a FORK in the road of my life. It is not MY LIFE.  I know I can do better yet dealing with self issues doesn’t make it easy.

On an even weirder note: my daily horoscope just came up on my cell phone while I am typing this, it says, “Aquarius – Someone’s temperament is turning form nice to harsh. Watch out.”

On a lighter note, my mom and sis came back from New York this past Sunday. They left on the 23rd and went SHOPPING, a comedy club, and to go see The Color Purple on Broadway. Oh did I mention I had to drop them off at the airport 3AM? Not amusing I assure you. My dad had gone out of town earlier that week on the 21st but he made it back that Friday. So I had the house to myself for least one complete day.

So since I had the house to myself on the 23rd, I decided to go to the gym and workout. I went to a hip hop and salsa class that lasted an hour and must say I enjoyed myself. It sure did kick my butt though and I worked muscles I long lost forgotten. I definitely am going to go again. I miss dancing I used to do it all the time; I miss being active in general. So I went out and bought some soccer shoes and a soccer ball a couple of weeks ago. Now I just need a field…hmm….

On the 25th, I went bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my best friend’s Amy. We settled on halter style since my bosom which is the biggest out of the whole wedding party, just wasn’t cut out for a strapless dress. Yet even the halter dress may cause a problem. I had to go UP 3 or 4 dress sizes; I don’t quite remember my depression was settling in about this time to just accommodate my chest. NOT COOL. So I have to really re-double my efforts at the gym to see how much of this I can get to go away by the wedding. Not to mention I have to go to Ann’s Bra Shop, specialty store to buy a corset bra or any contraption that will keep my rack in check. I might seriously look into a breast augmentation this year.

It amazes me how I know some guys who love women with big breasts but if they knew the trouble we had to endure just carrying these damn cantaloupes around I think they might not want to be so VOCAL to women who are well endowed that are considering getting a reduction. It’s funny when some of my girlfriends look at me and think I’m lucky. I sure as hell don’t, the consequences you deal with are not worth the trouble. Trying to find clothes that don’t stretch across the front, bras that cost so damn much, the markings on your shoulders and back from wearing one for so long, having to readjust yourself whether it be every couple minutes to every couple of hours. Not being able to see your feet unless you LEAN forward now that sucks. If I ever thought I would hate gravity, this would be at the forefront of my issues. Having to cross your hands ABOVE your chest, I don’t even recall the last time I did that. Even typing at a computer is not enjoyable. I can’t lie down on my stomach because THEY get in the way oh and let see if I lay on my back, they act like a divorce couple and go their separate ways. I could go on and on, but alas I have work to do. So until the next episode, take care.
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