March 2, 2006

Job security its no joke

Job security – it’s not always guaranteed

Today at work, there was a bit of a commotion. Apparently close to 200 employee’s were let go today. 112 in my building and an additional 80 across the street at another building which housed more workers. They had extra security beefed up just to make sure that there was no commotion when the people were told the bad news. I looked out the window in front of my area and just saw people some upset and others just calm.  I just thought damn it could have been me. Job security is not guaranteed and when you think of all the benefits people have connected with their jobs it really makes you take a step back. Luckily for me the only job I was ever let go of was a temporary job just working for THE LIMITED during Christmas of ’97. That was no big deal. Where as now I have a job that I have medical benefits through. It also shows an ugly side to working for a company regardless of the size. One of my co-workers made an interesting statement to me. She says, “I don’t feel bad when I leave a company because the loyality they have to their employee’s is crappy. The only thing they care about is making money and making sure the “big heads” bonus.” They couldn’t give to clicks of a shit, about us, the people that MAKE them”. Damn it makes ya think doesn’t it?
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