April 10, 2006

Update to DCMIA (Debit Card missing in Action)

Well I can say that I am offically pissed. This morning I made it a point to leave my job by 12pm so I could be up at the bank to get my debit card that had been STOLEN by the one of the ATM machines this past Saturday at the bank near my house. Once I was settled in at work, I called up to the bank at 8A.M. and asked if the person in charge of the ATM machines was there yet. A nice lady answered the phone and informed me that no the person wasnt in yet. I explained to her my dilema and she told me it would be best to call ahead of time to make sure that my card was found. I told her okay no problem. Well as you remember from my previous post I said I was leaving my job by 12pm to take care of the situation. I left at 11:49A.M. I called again at 12pm as I was on my way there, and the same lady informed me AGAIN that the perosn had yet to show up. So I decided to go home and chill out. Well around 3PM I decided to call again.

I called up there and guess who answers the phone. The idiot who answered the phone on Saturday, Andre. I asked him if the person in charge of the ATM's had been there and he tells me yes the person had been there, but that my card was not in the pile......................(WTF??) So now I am immediatly heated up. I told him that is impossible because I SAW my card get sucked into the machine and I called him immediately after it happened while I was STILL IN THE DRIVE UP AREA INFRONT OF THE DAMN ATM. So how in the Hell are you gonna tell me you don't have my shit????????

His dumb-ass keeps spurting at the mouth that he looked thru all the cards and it was not one of them, then he gives the phone to his manager, Tonya. Let me tell you something. If there is something I have learned about when it comes to working, that when it comes to employees. If they are a dumbass chances are they learned from the master and let me tell you something, Andre would definitely be Robin, if Tonya had been Batman.

So now I have Tonya on the phone and I explain to her my dilema. Do you know this hefer had the nerve to tell me AGAIN that my card was not in the pile that was found and that even if it was in the pile I still would not be able to get my card back??????????????? PROPER PROCEDURES>......FUCK PROCEDURES, your stupid machine took my shit and now I have to pay a service fee to get a new card because of your fuck up!!!!

So my head is about to explode at this point. I tell her that I need the number to the company that is in charge of the ATM machines because somebody is lying at it's either the person who serviced the machine or someone at the bank. She tells me there is nothing that can be done because they own the ATM machines. I told her that was not the story that Andre gave me and that I'm being lied to left and right. I told her if I had been told in the FIRST place that I wouldn't be able to get my card back I would have been put in a complaint that SATURDAY instead of today and then had the other card cancelled and reorder a new one, with no thanks to you. Then she says well you can just order another card from your bank, I'm thinking BITCH don't you think I know that? Did I ask you that? Again there is a service charge to ORDER a new card, are you going to cover that? So she keeps saying over and over again. "I don't know what you are going to be able to do, we don't have the card here"

So I finally get fed up and ask for her full name and the villiage idiot, Andre's last name. I then asked for the number to file a complaint. She had the nerve to question me over it and I told her to give me the number. She complied and I hung up on her dumbass. I then called the Customer Service Number and reported the incident. Dealing with this bullshit is just another reason why I hate U.S. Bank. When you have to deal with idiots that work for a dumb ass company pretty much everything comes full circle and I sure got caught smack dab in the middle of it.

After all this i had to call my company and get a new card. Another big concern stemming from this whole is was that I needed to return some items and had used my debit card to pay for the transactions. I knew for a fact that at least one of the places requires you have the debit there so the card can be swiped. So I called my company and they told me that card number would be deactived and that I wouldn't be able to keep the old account number because for fraud and to protect my account. So I'm like Yippe Fuckin Yeah I'm getting screwed all the way around. So after I confirm that a new card will be there in 7 to 10 business days, I hang up and try to calm myself down because at this point I am just furious.

So I called one of the stores I needed to return an item to and they assured me that when i bring in my new card, that I would be okay and to give their name (Stacy) to whom ever I would be dealing with I was very thankful and appreciative. So now I just need to call the other business to make sure this will not be a problem as well. So in a nutshell I cannot access my money until my new debit card comes in since my bank is not a local bank. What I would give for some TNT.

Hope you have a better weekend and upcoming week than I'm gonna have.

Oh and also for those who are wondering what location so this doesn't happen to you.

U.S. Bank
Normandy Office
3855 Lucas And Hunt Rd
Normandy, MO 63121
(314) 381-1868
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