April 10, 2006

update to this already crappy day

So after my already horrible day I decided I need to blow off some steam with a few games of racquetball. So I head down to Forest Park and praying I don't run into any major Cardinal traffic since our opening game happened to be today. Well I get there in one piece around 6pm. I was playing by myself since I really didn't have a clue about how the rules were and I was the only one there. Then this guy came over and asked if I wanted to play, I said sure but warned him that I was a beginner. He was kind and tried to teach me but the way he was serving the ball I didn't even have a chance. So after about 2 games we said our goodbyes and again I go back to playing by myself.

Well around 20 minutes later a nice lady comes by and ask if I would want to play. I told her sure no problem since I STILL didn't know the rules of the game she was kind enough to teach me. Well we we 2 rounds and i must say that they lasted a whole lot longer and I definitely did get a work out. Afterwards we go to a bench and watch some other people play and we just talked. We exchanged numbers and plan to meet up on Wednesday to play some more. I had a good time and I know I burned off some calories.

Well as I'm pulling off and trying to get out of the park, I get stopped by a cop. He tells me that I didn't make a complete stop at a Stop Sign. I didn't even notice a stop sign so I had to give him my license and insurance. Well guess what?????????? The insurance paper in my car was past due by 3 DAYSSSS AUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH. So I was given a ticket for the damn Stop Sign but I was lucky to get off with a warning on the insurance. Needless to say I'm still in a somewhat grouchy mood and I just can't help and pray that Tonya and Andre both get a really bad case of crabs, syphillis, gonerhiaa, or anything that will make them break out and itch.

But in the end my body is letting me know that it felt the workout that it needed and I made a new friend. *Yawn* it's time for bed, so take care and good night
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