April 9, 2006

Interesting Weekend

Well this past Friday I went with a group of friends to go see the opening of the movie PHAT GIRLZ and I must say it was hilarious and uplifting. It really showed the struggles that women who are considered overweight go thru in society. The love story or should I say the 2 love stories that happen to go thru the movie were something else. It's nice to see that not everyone wants the same when they are looking for a companion. Yet even though some people are comfortable with their body size it doesn't mean that it is HEALTHY for them.

I know that there are men out there that are attracted to me and sometimes I wonder to myself WHY? I'm not the size 8 or 10 I used to be. I think my personality is great and that I have a good heart. Yet stereotypes have always existed. So for me getting back in shape is to help not only physically but in a way mentally as well.

Now fastforward to yesterday (Saturday). Why oh why did I have a shitty Saturday. It started off with going to the ATM near my house because I was trying to get some money out. Why in the hell did that damn machine take my card? Didn't ask me for my pin code just took my shit. You talkin about a sista that was HOT. I called the bank and told them my dilema. The guy who I was talking to was really pissin me off because his whole adittude was that I was pretty much fucked. I told him that was the only way I had access to my money and I needed my card. His response, nobody has access to ATM accept for the company that services them and they won't be back until Monday afternoon. Then he has the nerve to say it's no big deal just order another card WHAT THE FUCK??????????? Did I ask you that? NO!!!!!!!!!! I want my god-damn card!!! I told him that I don't bank there and that if they destroy my card they will be paying the service fee for a new one. I asked him what happens to the cards that get stuck in the machine, he says they normally destroy them. I was about to explode, then he tells me that since I called, that they would be on alert for it and make sure they wouldn't cut up my card.

I told him how do I know that they won't ACCIDENTLY FORGET? He says that he would make a note of it. YEA RIGHT. I don't trust them and I don't trust their damn ATM'S not anymore. So you know what I"m gonna do? Jasmine is going to let her Supervisor know that she WILL be leaving work a tad bit early on Monday and will be calling the bank to make sure that her shit is in tact because if I find my card is cut up, I'm gonna cut up and CLOWN in that bank. So pray for them, they are gonna need it. Not to mention I had just gotten paid this past Friday from my main job. So I don't have access to MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!
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