February 5, 2008

It's the month of Feb....and I'm in the mood for.....a tax refund check

Hello people. As you know it's the month of Valentine's Day, Black History Month, and Where is my Tax Refund Check? Month. Well most likely if you received your W-2's and any other forms pertaining to filing your taxes, you are steadly awaiting your check via direct deposit or mail.

Would you believe that I received everything EXCEPT one item and even when I receive it I still can't file until after Feb. 11th. Simply because I want to get a better credit return in regards to having attended college last year. Will it be worth the wait? Hell yea.

Eversince I can remember doing my own taxes it has been something of a process that you have to adapt to everytime you do something new. Like cashing in stocks or having a 401 k plan. My biggest dilema right now is that I did my taxes on 2 different sites and I'm trying to figure out what the hell the problem is on the different amounts. I do know the college credit is definitely one of the issue and most likely me cashing out some stocks was another. So most likely I'll reput my info in a 3rd and 4th tax free help site to see if I can pinpoint the issue. At least I have until Feb. 11th to figure it out.

Oh and beyond that my 29th birthday is this month, the 17th (fighting off the chills) and so is one of my best friend's Kai, her's is the 16th. Did I also mention I have off the 18th? So I will not have to work at either job, nor do I plan to.
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