January 28, 2008

what a story I weave......

Well first off and most important I hope you all are doing well in the new year. This year I have been keepin up with school and both jobs at a steady pace. I can definitely say my science class is something to behold. It's a geology class, you know one of the bullshit courses I still needed to take as far as the credits I still need to fill up so I would have the bottom 60 credits done. My communication class is definitely interesting. Anyway, besides that nothing really new to report.

Oh well my mom's bday was Jan. 20th and that Saturday before her birthday, family and friends treated her out to Harrah 's Casino Buffet where presents were exchanged. I took her to Maggiano's Italian Restuarant across from the Saint Louis Galleria that Sunday. All I have to say is that I'm proud I didn't have a seizure when the bill came, but it's my mom so simply she is worth it. We had to leave after by dessert came because she was starting to get the same pains that she had when she was going through her breast cancer issue. So I had the food wrapped and I warped her home ASAP so she could take her medicine.

Beyond that nothing really has happen out of the blue. One of my best friend's b-day and mine our in Feb. She is the 16th and I'm the 17th, so you know she never misses the opportunity to rib me about it. People have been asking me what i want to do and I honestly don't have a clue, I'm mainly thankful that I don't have to go to work on Feb. 18th since it's President's day so at least I can have a day off with whatever I decide to do.

At job #1 this month I was speaking to 3 co-workers and we all enjoy reading. Especially romance novels. Now we all enjoy the same authors but I told them about a new level of books called Erotica Books. They are NOT your normal roses and shit in the park books, these are the books that tell you where PART A goes into PART B and in how many positions and where. LOLOL I told them I had been reading them for at least 7 years and named a few distributers that mainly do these types of titles. You can also go to your neighborhood Waldenbook Stores, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million and they all have the books in that "special corner". Then we started talking about lil stories that we have all written. They asked me if I had a story I had written. I told them yea but it was at least 7 years old and I started the story about a friend of mine in NYC. I haven't added on to it in almost 2 years. I gave them the link and thought nothing of it.

Boy was I wrong.....when I went to work the next day, they called me to the cafeteria and their mouths were dropped open. LOLOL Of course I didn't tell them the level of erotica in the story I just told them it was a story. They couldn't believe that type of stuff was in my head (and why the phuck not?) So they asked me when I would be putting the next chapter out there since I had up to 24. I told them I hadn't really thought about it in a while, but since they had been talking about it I would try to get something up there soon. If you want to see what they are fussing about then go to, Sinsualpleasures. Just a heads up, because blogger doesn't do chronological order you have to go to the BOTTOM of the webpage and start reading the chapters like that.

Who knows, if I get some downtime, I might churn something out within a week. Just keep ya fingers crossed;) Ta-Ta
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