February 19, 2008

birthday weekend

ok so as you might know or not know this past Sunday was my b-day. Normally I would take off work whenever my b-day came around but for some reason I just didn't do it this year. So Needless to say Saturday I worked until 9:45pm and on Sunday I worked till 4pm. After getting off of work I went home and changed clothes. I also happen to unfortunately dose off and didn't get down to Danielle's place till around I think 6pm-ish. She wanted to treat me to my b-day present but the malls close at 6pm so that was a no go. So we just rescheduled for the 18th. Well anyway, later on that Sunday evening a group from Best Buy was getting together and some of the Sup's were throwing a THANK U party for a job well done during the x-mas holidays.

So Danielle and I make it out to Dave and Buster's and a pretty good crowd about 15 or more people showed up and we had the party room to ourselves. We ate food, played games, and had some laughs. they sang me happy birthday and we all left round 11pm. I drove Danielle home and then drove myself home afterwards. I also received a birthday card from one of my other best friends Amy on Saturday. So I'm going to call her so we can have lunch together.

Now yesterday, President's Day, I had breakfast with my parents, Diahanna and a friend of hers at Cracker Barrel. We almost didn't go because there was a weird snow storm that happend for about a good 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it stopped. We get there and we have a good breakfast and they give me my cards. Afterwards I went with my parents to a cowboy place called CHUCKS BOOTS out in Fenton, MO. My mom had been wanting some boots for quite some time and my dad decided to finally get her a pair and she sure did get some sharp ones. While looking around I found a python pair that were just to DIE FOR and they were only $200. So I might go back and get them but I told my mom I was bringing her with me.

Ok so after my parents drop me back off at my car at Best buy where I left earlier for my parents to come pick me up to go to Cracker Barrel, I went to Chesterfield Mall and walked around some. Mainly stopping by Borders to see the latest books and Franklin Covey to buy myself an organizer. I made a promise to myself to try to be more organized so I won't keep forgetting stuff. Afterwards I went to TJ MAXX off of Manchester and browsed around. By then Danielle was ready to hook up and we then went out to the Galleria and she bought me a Build-a-Bear. Of course it was decked out in purple.

Then we walked around to some other places and found out Mina and her man were also there and just got done going to the movies. We met up at The Gap and we were talking for a while. Then Danielle and I went to Best Buy and they stated they would meet us up there later. Danielle then bought me a wireless adapter to add on to my Xbox 360 so I can finally play 360 LIVE. So for all you gamers my tag name is of course (drum roll) .............................. MSJAZZ79.

After that we went home and slept.

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