November 13, 2005

Baby Showers and November problems

I had to be at job number 2 from 12 to 5:30pm. A nice mid shift since I had to be at a baby shower for a co-worker later on that evening which was right across the street.

But being the late busy bee that I am, I had to go to Target and get my present for Courtney's baby shower. It took me a good 40 minutes to get everything together than zoom my ass across the street to work so I could clock in and relieve Danielle so she could take a lunch.

Around 2pm she left the job and I stayed until 5:30pm when Joe came and relieved me. I went to the back and changed clothes and took myself to Culpeppers to wait for them. Well my dumbass apparently didn't register that it wasn't being held and Culpeppers but actually at a place called Berkshire Grill.

So needless to say I hopped my ass in the car and drove ACROSS the street to the CORRECT address and met the rest of the party. There was around15 people in all (I think). As the presents started piling up on a seperate table, we were still waiting on Courtney to make her late fashionable entrance which she didn't not disappoint us with;).

She made her entrance along with her husband, mother, and her oldest child. We enjoyed ourselves with jokes, dinner, cake, and watching her opening up her newest baby presents. Of course her oldest son was so cute because everytime a present was being opened he thought it was for him;) So you can image him jumping around.

After that I was able to enjoy myself while some of my other coworkers (SUPERVISORS) such as Danielle, unfortuantely had to go back to bestbuy for a meeting that DID NOT end until 10:45pm. ON A SUNDAY, now mind you the meeting started at 8pm. Can we say thank god for part-time work? lolol
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