November 20, 2005

Oh how great thou are for fried chicken

Sunday, a time for prayer and reflection or in my case time done and served at job #2. This past weekend I was over Danielle’s house because of Saturday, we had the 6AM meeting and then Sunday I stayed over as well because we both had work and I knew I would be cooking that evening since we planned to have a get together at her house.

Well the day starts off with me taking Danielle to work at 8AM; I go back to her house and sleep until 12PM. Then I get dressed and make my way to work, suppose to be there by 2pm but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get there, till 2:10pm. Well to start off the work day, the damn time clock didn’t work on 3 cpu’s so I had to do a manual time edit. Another co-worker Dan was there as well as was about to get off of work.

Apparently earlier in the day, management came around to the different departments and informed them that they had to slash labor BIG TIME for the week of Thanxgiving. Of course we think this is a dumbass idea but who are we right? Needless to say, since we knew we were expecting a big crowd of people, not mention the even bigger dilemma that I was the closing person in Appliances. I was ALSO the person who was cooking the food. So Danielle decided that I should leave early to go the supermarket to do some shopping. Mainly this list was apparently for her Thanxgiving spread with the exception of an extra pack of chicken drumsticks and some boxes of Kraft Macaroni White Cheddar which would be prepared by me later on that night.

By the time I ‘m done shopping it’s damn near 8pm and just to inform I didn’t leave the gig #2 till 6:45pm. So needless to say I’m thinking like I’ll be damn if I’m about to waste gas because it is a 20-30 min. drive TECHNAICALLY, but if you happen to go 70 mph or faster, such as myself the time is drastically cut down by oh I don’ know...15 – 20 min. but that isn’t the point, my gas tank doesn’t know that now does it? Lol

Anyway after talking with Danielle she said she wouldn’t be out till 9 or 10pm so I decided to go to her house and start cooking. Well people start showing up around 9:30ish, so by this time, I’m almost done with the last batch of chicken and we all are just relaxing kicking it watching a football game on tv. Danielle calls and says, a fellow co-worker might drop her off. I was praying so because I was just too damn tired. Needless to say, it wasn’t meant to be because around 11pm ( I think) I lost track of time by 9pm. She calls and says that the rest of the store is still doing truck and that she was ready to be picked up.

So I get my TIRED ass up and pick her up from the job. Then we get back to her house by Midnight. By this time I’m party pooped out and leave for my own bed, which is another 15-20 min. drive and much anticipated discussion with my parents which didn’t end till 1:45am.

Beyond that note I realized that I spent damn near $35 dollars in gas this past weekend. I know I work 2 jobs but damn, I’m gonna have to cool with the extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean. Hope your Sunday was as interesting as mine. Take care and god bless
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