November 11, 2005

2 faced employees and biking

Good evening to all. hope your Friday evening finds you well. Not full of backstabing employees who smile in your face and talk behind your back. Let me give you an example. Today while I was at work in my main building, a coworker asked if I wanted to go another building with her to pass out some invites for her birthday party. I agreed and we both went to the other building to revisit our friends since this was the orginal building that we both started in before being moved this past month. WE spoke with our old co-workers catching up with them and making sure they were ok. So much had changed on our floor, more than half of the cubicles were empty to make room for the new people. AFter a while we go back to our current building.

When we get back, we here that one of our co-workers felt she just HAD to let everyone know that we were gone for 45 min. My Supervisor who i think is really cool didn't really even trip off it. It was just blown out of proportion because this one chick can't keep her mouth close. and before you go thinking she is some model employee let me you this. She thinks she's better than anyone else because she went to nursing school yet she didn't quite cut the grade so she was kicked out. problem is that whenever she talks to a patient on the phone or to some important high ranking person in our company she just feels COMPELS to let people know that she was a NURSE.

Now lets do the math here folks who in they damn right mind would go through all that hell of nursing school to be a nurse and just quit to become a god-damn pharm. technican? THANK YOU it doesn't make since. So three of us also in the same pod look at her from time to time thinking what the hell do you think you are doing? She catches us looking at her and turns herself away because she is juswt too damn embaressed that she got caught in one of her lies.

On another sour note I along with 3 other co-workers decided to order Pizza hut, we put in our orders and we wait for the food. FINALLY it gets to the job after waiting an extra 15 minutes. Why was our food not right? Well let me take that back why was 3 of the 4 pizzas not right. We called the location and let them know that they made our pizzas incorrectly and needed to bring us either a) new pizzas that were CORRECT or b) our money back. Needless to say we all ended with an extra pizza to take home.

Well enough about work. After I clocked out, I went home to pick up my mom to take her to the Cheesecake factory at the Saint Louis Galleria. To celebrate her finishing up her breast cancer treatment. Afterwards we go to Sports Authority to check out riding bikes. I've been wanting one for some time since I was trying to get back into the swing of things with excerising. So I was only going there just to price bikes yet the salesman was very helpful and when he showed me one bike from a company called Mongoose I was very impressed and it also helped that it was 50% off. So since I had the money I decided to splurge and give myself an early x-mas present.

AFter also getting my accessories we finally go up front to ring up my purchase fit it into my mom's towncar and away we go back home. My girlfriend, kamina wanted to go out. Orginally I was going to but as soon as I got home I just shut down.
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