November 4, 2005


Last night I went to the opening night of Cheaters at the Fox Theater. Let me tell you something, it was the best play I've been to so far. I was so hyped and excited about it I went to work, but really didn't do any work. Only thing i did productive while I was at work was take off my glasses and put in my color contacts. lol Afterwards I went to the MAC counter at Famous Barr in Northwest Plaza, to get my face done. Well now that the holidays have kicked in, you have to pay $40 to get your face done, I was like HUH? But one of the girls was cool enough that she did my eyes for me and when I finally got home around 5pm I finished up the rest.

I had to get ready so to primp myself. I put my crazy curls up so they wouldn't get wet, took a nice bath, but made sure the water wasn't too hot. Don't want my curls to droop too soon. Then I pulled out my Romance Shower Gel and went to TOWN!!;) AFter I that I dried off and put on the matching lotion io the Shower gel, (now I just want to take this time to tell you that I have every piece in the Ralph Lauren Romance set and only use it for special occasions.) Then I followed the lotion withe Ralph Lauren Romance Tender Notes. The perfect fragrance since it's not too heavy as the orginal Romance.

Anyway I'm finally surrounded and scented in my fragrance. from neck down. I decided to go without stockings since the skirt I was wearing was long enough and plus I was wearing boots. So I first put on the boots, walked around in them for a while to get the feeling for them and then put the rest of my outfit on. After double checking in the mirror that everything was ok, I head out the door. We were all suppose to meet up to go get something to eat but seeing that everyone was running a bit late, I decided to get something to eat before hand.

Finally get to Danielle's house to meet up with everyone and we chillout for a while until we depart to go get Kamina. Who by the way Danielle and I went half on her ticket to treat her for her birthday. Since there were 7 of us going, we had to take 2 cars. I really wasn't trying to drive seeing that WHENEVER anything goes down, I"m 90% driving. So I just suck it up and we then continue on to the FOX and park. We get to the front gates and get out tickets from Danielle. Kamina and I go to the restroom while the other 4 people meet up with the rest of our party who was also going to the play with us.

After we find our seats, the show starts ON TIME!!!! Now I'm not one to crack jokes about black people being on time for stuff. Yet I won't lie I was quite surprised and pleased. That would mean that is the 2nd event this year that was African-american that I've been to, the first being Kai's cousin's wedding this past September. The opening music starts, the lights go off, and BAMB!! I hear the sweet music of Brian McKnight's voice throught the speaker system. I must say the man sounds AMAZING. Even if he did cheat and beat his wife and that's the reason she left his ass......but I digres. Back to the play, the cast for this was excellent. Everyone actor in it I recognized.

Anyway if you don't want to be spoiled about the play then DONT READ ON!!!
If you do want to be spoiled then just keep reading. lol

Anyway Brian is the lead character of this fictional drama. He's a player pure and simple and has a problem with commitments. His girlfriend, the main one has been with him thru thick and thin and on the side he has some CRAZY chick and i mean crazy like Fatal Attraction Glenn Close crazy. ya hear mean? Well he screws up things with his girl and then one of her old friends comes back into the picture. When I saw who this old friend was................I screamed my head off. Because the only other person I could think of who could take my mind off of Brian McKnight was THIS man. The man I'm talkin about is Michael Jai White. You know from SPAWN or better yet the brother from Trois 2, not the one the psychatrist was married to, but the one she was messing with on the side......YES THAT ONE!!! All i have to say is when his shirt came off on that stage........................DAMN IT. (just shaking my head).

Well anyway Im not going to give away the rest. If you want to know how it goes, u just have to see it for yourself. Of course by the end of the play. My feet were talking to me and I was ready to go home. So since the other driver was closer to home, everyone ELSE piled up in my car so I dropped Kamina back at her place and then the rest to Danielle's. I finally made it back home and unwound and relaxed. I spoke with Jonathan, a coworker who went with us to the play. He called to make sure I made it home okay, we talked about shoes lolol since we are both some shoe fanatics and then said our good-byes.

Overall the night was good, could have been better in some aspects but hey, u work with what u have right? anyway. It's morning now and I'm about to get ready for work. It's also PAYDAY so you know when a sister needs therapy she does what:?????????????? That's right she shops;) I holla. SMOOCHES

EXTRA TREAT: For those who would like to catch the play in their town go to this website to view the dates. hope you enjoy it as much as I did;)

And on a totally seperate note: I feel that when I go out, I want to look my top notch best. That means my outfit is FLAWLESS, do you hear me? Now being the B.I.T.C.H. (Beautiful Intelligent Together Classy Hershey) I am known to be at times such as these, I feel I need to take it upon myself to at least school women on one very important topic. Please my sistas and I'm not just talkin about black kinfolk, I'm talking about women OVERALL, you know what let me take it to another level, the HUMAN RACE as a whole. not and I am saying this only so you will not make the same mistake as this poor soul has......Your WHITE SHOES. Should be stored away in your closet, this is now November, you may get away with wearing an off-white color such as BISQUE or something to that effect. Do not be caught in a dark ass dress or pants for that matter and have on white shoes. Now for me personally I would take it as far as not wearing white period below the waste as far as pants and skirts, but hey that's just me.

So again I HOLLA take care and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!
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