November 12, 2005


Im not sure if I'm having buyer's remorse or what but I did take the bike out this morning for a lil spin. Since I haven't been on one for more than 10 years. It was a bit intimidating to get back on one. Especially since I have to re-learn how to shift gears all over again. A bit wobbly so I just decided to make one short trip and BACK to the house. Within an hour of getting back into my house, my mom calls me to help her in the basement rearrage all of our too-many-damn small appliances. After that FUN chore, I went to my room to play some Resident Evil 4 on my Gamecube.

Chilled out till I had to be at job #2, which is where I am now. Right now I'm just waiting for the store to wind down. I've done my closing duties and I'm also looking at a Cover of Sports Illustrated with Steelers Safety, Troy Polamalu on the front. Lord JESUS I wish I could grab some of that hair, becuz sista would not let go, ya hear me?
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