November 25, 2005

Nothing like family on Thanksgiving

I hope your Happy thanxgiving was as memorable as mine this past thursday. I woke up and it felt REALLY NICE not having to work at either job. Bumbed around for a while until around 2pm. Took some food over to my aunt's house. that my mom had prepared before going out of town around 2:40pm and then went back home. For some strange reason I thought the affair started at 5pm but apparently it started at 3pm. WHOOPS. So needless to say I get there by 5pm and of course almost all of the food is gone. I was able to make a plate of food for my mom and then grabbed some ham for myself.

I saw the usual family members as well as some others I didn't recognize. Also there were new additions, from what I've heard, was even able to meet one of them by the name of Kamia, new born baby, 10 weeks old. She was so pretty but unfortunately there was some controversy because her daddy who is my cousin is black and her momma is white. One of my aunt's who will remain nameless is not so keen on people interacially mixing in any way what so ever. I was proud of my cousin because he kept a cool head, even though I wouldn't fault him one bit if he had flipped his lid. She was disrespectful and embarresing to say the least. All I could do was shake my head.

After everyone left, I stayed behind to help my Aunt charolette clean up some more. We had a good conversation for about and hour and then I went home. When I think about my past and my life I am thankful for the family I have and wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world. yet I realized one important lesson. You have to live your life for yourself and do what makes you happy. If people don't agree with how you live your life, then they need not be in it.

So since today is Thanksgiving, I'm going to mention one thing that I'm am thankful for. Having a choice.
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