November 4, 2005

Music is such a beautiful art....

This evening I went to the West county Shopping Mall off of Manchester and Highway 270. Upon entering the mall thru the Lord and Taylor Store, I could here a faint melody that was beckoning me to the inner area of the mall. The music kept getting louder and stronger when I finally reached the main entrance of Lord and Taylor connecting to the rest of the mall, i saw this man sitting at a piano and his music just made my soul lift. Do you hear me? I love piano music especially since I used to play, it was infused with jazz as well. You could here the saxaphone just jammin along with the piano and let me tell you something. Even though I only stood around there at first for 5 min. As I was walking this huge mall I felt that I could still hear the music even from the opposite end!!

Now mind u this mall is HUGE it has a Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Famous Barr and a JCPenny. So you know this is one big ass building. Yet even when I was shopping and just browsing the stores, I kept thinking about this man and his music. So after a couple of hours of just bullshitting and grabbing something to eat, I make my way back over and I just stop and listen. I close my eyes and start to sway back and forth and let me tell you something, the man can jam. I was on the 2nd level by this time and decided i wanted to get closer and check out the CD's he was selling.

I spoke with his sidekick and I was just so impressed I ended up buying all 4 of his CD's. In fact right now while I'm writing this entry into my blog I'm listening to the song that had me hypnotized to begin with. The name of this special artist is Matt Bachrach. From what his friend told me, they've been touring the United States just going from place to place, just trying to get his name out there so people can hear his music. If you enjoy piano instramental music whether it be jazz, christmas, etc..... please give this man chance, you won't be dissapointed.

Sorry the pic isn't all that great, but what do you expect with a phone cam, especially when the guy is moving and on top of that, I'm trying to be sneaky taking the pic. lolol Enjoy your Friday evening and take care
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