November 5, 2005

A pie in the a mystery guest at job #2

Well today, was our store meeting. AKA throw a pie in a manager's face for $120. If you need to refresh your memory you need to go to this post. Let me tell you I was tired but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING would make me miss this team meeting. Even if it was 7 IN THE DAMN MORNING!!! I get up about 6am and call Danielle to wake her up. I pick her up around 6:40am and we make our way to the job.

With me being a speed demon I make it to the job by 7:05am. Just in time to clock in and make it to the front of the group to hear them call the Appliance's team to the front so we may pie the Management person of our choice. Well since interesting things had been taken place for the past week, a certain management person M.IA. (Missing in Action). Needless to say since this person was no longer a part of the company so who we WANTED to pie in our original line up was shot to hell.

Yet being the quick thinkers we are, I decided to use a backup source but hey it's all good and again it was for charity. After that we watched a DVD from the corporate people about what to expect for the X-mas season. We went into a breakout mode and my group went into an office and watched ANOTHER dvd. Then around 9 somethin we were able to go home. Yet that really didn't matter to me becuz i still had to return to the son-of-bitch later that day by 3pm.

Well I know you are wondering who the mystery guest was huh? Well apparently he is our Interm Store Manager, which means aka, he will be our NEW GM offically if not already. Man the drama, the DRAMA, and u know what the funny thing is? Apparently at job #1, I was told that there will be a chopping of the heads episode around 7am on Monday as well. What can I say I have somewhat of an interesting life, just thankfully the shit isn't happening to me.

SO I went home after dropping Danielle off, and went home and went into a coma, and then recouped from that by 1pm. Still arrived at work late, yet I made it. Didn't get off till 10:35pm. So I'm at home chillin on the laptop and talkin on the cellphone. See people can multi-task.
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