November 2, 2005

I got my wig done HEYYYYYYYY

Wassup my people. It's the lady aka chin checka coming back to you once again. I took off work today so I could go get my hair done. My co-worker aka one of my best-friend's, Danielle also came with me as well. We both got "pretty-fied" for the CHEATERS play tomorrow. We arrived at the hair salon, 11am. We didn't leave until 4:20pm. What can I say, we both have some serious hair on our heads.

Danielle was suppose to be at work 3:30pm, but boy she didn't get there until 5pm. So I hope she doesn't catch a case with management. Especially with how everything went down when Trina just left and called Danielle to let her know that she had somebody else watching the department. Kinda foul, but I would understand if she had a prior engagment but damn from my knowledge she didn't.

So needless to say Danielle was heated on the way to work and still when she finally arrived. She looked really pretty though. Her hair is the shit and she got her eyebrows done for the first time. After I dropped her off, i made the long trek home and now I'm watching this documentary on Cinemax called JUVIES. About young kids, juveniles who have been sentaced to prision with adult terms. Really something.

Also this evening I FINALLY was able to speak with Kaiysha, one of my other best friends who lives in Florida, whose child is my god-daugher. We had been missing each other's phone calls for the past 2 weeks. She was telling me about Book club and if I wanted to join. Knowing that i am a huge book nerd. I of course joined and can't wait to start reading.

So from the Midwest, City of the Lou, Missouri, residing in North County. I say peace out and I love Turkey Legs cooked in Red Wine sauce. Oh and check out my wig

Also a totally different note: Yesterday I had my nails done, eyebrows arched, and picked up my outfit from the cleaners. So you know I'm not playin around don't ya?
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