November 23, 2005

happy Pre-day Thanksgiving!!!

Well it's ya girl, coming to you live again via job #1. Been here since 8am and have just been chippin away at the hours. Decided to stay until 8pm so I can make up for lost time since I wasn't able to come into work on Monday. had Chinese food for lunch and boy was it good!!! It was my 2nd time having them and I must say there food was excellent. They deliver to the job so that was even better. Will post up the name and number so you can give it a try yourselves.

right now it's 5pm and Im just thinkin about tomorrow, the big Turkey Day. Since my parents are SUPPOSE to go out of town, I have been left with the impression that I will be celebrating over a relative's house, which is fine by me. I know I just have to take the food over before the whole gather get's underway. LOL and since I just live 5 minutes away from where the gathering is taking place, I'm all good;)

Right now I'm just relaxing taking a bit of ME time. I'm thinking about what I have to be thankful for and if I'm so thankful for it why don't I realize it when it stares me in the face instead of just going thru it like it's not their? I guess I'm thinking about that because of the convo I had with my parent's on Sunday. For me unfortunately I find so many faults within myself, it's hard to see the positive side of any situation.

So I'm debating if I should renew my bond with an old aquantance. My therapist. The more I've been thinking about it, I think it might be wise. I don't feel focused with my life and haven't for quite some time. Now I don't want anyone to think that I'm crazy, but hell I am human and I'm far from perfect. I'm just stubborn. So as I think about this year, I realize that not only should I give thanx to my family and friends. But also to my therapist. amen.
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