November 19, 2005

The evening that wasn't meant to be.

What's up to my people's;) Yesterday I had work at job #1, got there just a tad bit late...........oh about 10am or so. Did my work and then burnt out at 3:30pm. Went and picked up Danielle from her gig aka job #2 for me. We go to the hair salon to have our hair done and we don't get out until 9:15pm. I was suppose to go to a private birthday party that started at 8:30pm but didn't get out until 2am. Yet since I knew I had a 6AM meeting to go to the next morning (Saturday 11/19) I decided against it and just decided to crash at Danielle's home for the night. I must have been sleepin my ass off (pretty as usual) because she kicked me a couple of times, since she said I was starting to snore. I NEVER snore. lolol because since I'm such a light sleeper sometimes I wake my own ass up. lol

Well this mornin we had a meeting at 6AM (did I mention that already?) We had a dry run for what we think it will be like on the day after Thanksgiving day. It was interesting to say the least, mind you not productive. I just went with the flow and just shook my head, I feel lsorry for the new people. They have no idea for what is in store for them. Just to give you a clue, I blacked out my first year after Thanksgiving day rush here. It never happend again, of course. Yet some shit you just don't forget.

Tonight I'm here at gig #2, just watchin customers. Also got to meet our new OTHER part-timer, I'm not too good with names so I know it will be a week at least before I start to remember his. Nothing against him,I just have serious short term memory. Tonight after the store shuts down at 11pm, damn holiday hours, I'm crashing at Danielle's again, but we area also gonna try to make dinner. Yea, wish me luck on that one.

I'll update if anything else fascinating happens to me.
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