November 7, 2005

Diamonds are forever.....Bullshit I hate diamonds....unless they are purple;)

Well, today at work, the "spectacle" that I was waiting for is supposedly postponed until tomorrow. Will keep you updated with the details. Yet beyond this work was the same, but we were able to wear jeans. BECAUSE it was casual week. But did Jasmine read any of the big signs on the walls or even remember opening any of the emails sent to me about the occasion? NO. My dumbass comes in a nice skirt, nice top, and nice boots. Cursing my short-circuit brain for not remembering at least this event. Alas, I take off my boots and put my isotoner slippers and begin my work.

Fastforward, it is closing time!! I bow out at 4pm. Remembering i have some layways that I need to pay on at Northwest Plaza mall, just 10 minutes away from job #1 and actually 5 minutes from job #2. I arrive at my location inside the mall, J.C.'s Jewelry Shop. I pay the regular amount on my 2 layways which include a pair of gold earrings and an amyethist cabachon ring. After I've paid on those layways, I decided I'm not ready to go yet and want to see some pendants. I wanted an amyethist pendant and another ring so I could have a complete "set". Now for me a set is a pair of earrings, 2 rings, and a pendant. A bonus would be a matching bangle. Yet I'm not TOO picky. lol

As so i digress from the rest of my day, let me get back on track. I look at the pendents the lady brings over and lowe and behold I set eyes on a beautiful mystery topaz pendant with a white gold setting. From what the young lady told me it was at least 1 carot. The way the light hit off this stone, I was just mezmorized. It was a multi-tone color stone. It reminded me of Mardi Gras because of the purple and green mixture. Yet I cannot do this stone justice with just my description. You have to see one for yourself. Simply gorgous. In fact I've included a picture of one these stones as you can see in this blog. The owner of J.C.'s, you guessed his name is J.C., called his wife at their other shop to see if there was a matching ring. He said he might have some hopefuls and would have them available for me to view by tomorrow.

Now normally I don't like cut stones of any kind, ESPECIALLY shiny stones, HENCE the title for this blog. I really can't stand colorless stones, such guessed DIAMONDS. So right there diamonds have 2 strikes against them. Colorless and most of the time cut into a shape. now I know that there are diamonds that are not your basic average white color diamond. I do know that there are other colors.

For example I have heard of purple diamonds as well as pink, yellow just to name a few. Yet everytime I come into contact with one, whether it be by picture or behind a glass case with enough security cameras, I don't feel the passion that other people have about white ones. You know when you watch the music videos, the rappers or even history books, the Royal Family of England. They always have something to say about their beauitfully cut stones. The rappers are so being ICEY they wouldn't know a winter storm if it blew and froze they dick off. The royal family is too busy inbreading to really give a damn where a diamond comes from (not saying ALL royals, just the really popular ones) or whether it be from a country they were too busy having "British rule", can we say INDIA????

Regardless I guess I haven't caught the bling bling fever like some people have. I'm happy with my sterling silver and various stones. i am not one to follow the crowds, I enjoy a different path. i like to be unique. If I was like everyone else, I would be boring. Of course I want a diamond when i get married.....i just don't want a white one. And ya better believe the bitch will sitting in a high kt platinum setting. hahahaha

NOTE: Cubic Zarconia's are the sureist way to catch a bullet in the ass or higher, not saying by me NECCESARILY.......just remember that.
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