September 6, 2005

Friends make the world go round

Good morning;) yesterday was Labor Day, and even though I was off from one job, I still had to go into the OTHER one and work a 6 hour shift. I didn't like it but hey, it's a check. Afterwards I went to say bye to my best friend from out of town, and we ended up talking for a couple of hours. About relationships, friendships, and other things. We were also reminiscing about how we met and how much we value our friendship.

She was listening to me last night as I was talking to her about how I have many male friends but I don't allow them to get close to me. The way I see it, if I'm feelin you, I'll take my time to see if its possible for things to go to the next step. We also talked about her past relationships and her future with her husband. She told me that you hit a point in your life when u you know just know when you've met "the one". I told her sometimes I have doubts that I ever will. Im so used to doing things on my own, going to the movies, having dinner, to even getting a freezer from top stock down at my job, ALL BY MYSELF. I won't lie, I do miss being in a relationship, yet I know I'm not just going to settle for whatever comes my way. I don't know sometimes I think Im just running circles when it comes to matters of the heart.

I don't have that many close female friends. I have many female and male associates, but not many that consider to be my best friends. In fact all my best friends I can count on one hand. two fo them I've known since Kindergarten, one since high school, and the other I've known since 2000. We all have a mutual respect for each other. 3 of them have met each other so far and click just perfectly, so I know when I introduce my other best friend to them everything should be gravy.;)

I'm very blessed and fortunate, to have them all in my life. They keep me grounded yet at the same time they allow me to fly. I value their friendship, because I know they will always be truthful with me. To me a true friend, asks not "IF" they will help you, but "HOW" they will help you.
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