September 14, 2005

My world my world talking about my world

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My world, my world, talking bout my world…………………MY WORLD

I wish I could visit different parts of the world……scratch that I wish I had MONEY to visit different parts of the world.

Countries that interest me:

Asia in general; I want to go to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, and MAYBE Korea, both of them (north and south). I have to see Great Wall of China and since I am into electronics and they kick ass over there. I wouldn’t mind going to some conventions over there to see what the newest invention in technology is. Especially since the USA doesn’t get for close to 2 years ANYWAY.

Australia, I want to see the outback, check out some kangaroos. Meet a couple that has been doing some wooden jewelry for me and I’ve been pleased with it to no end. Also would like to visit their famous Theater with the weird fan shape dome top. Can’t figure what it is right now.

Canada, just to see what the hell is there

South America- Rio de Janeiro and Brazil; I saw this movie called WILD ORCHID that was shot in Rio de Janeiro and the scenery was so beautiful to me. It’s hypnotized me ever since.

Russia- Want to know if ANY black people live there; probably not since it so damn cold.

Africa- Egypt, South Africa and Also some other countries. I’ve always been interested in Egyptian history and the Great Pyramids. One day I will go down there and see it for myself. Would also like to see King Tut’s Sarcophagus made of gold now that would be fascinating.

Europe - want to see the queen and her family. Want to visit Westminister Abbey and just see what life is like in London. Also want to visit Scotland, Ireland, and Italy. MAMA MIA!!!
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